Golf psychology for amateur golfers

Golf psychology for amateur golfers

Golf psychology for amateur golfers simply lies within philosophy of our company.

Passionate sportsmen and sportswomen

We, at MARIOBEKY.COM proudly support people – who are passionate about sport amateur and professional players. We strongly believe that mental game should be available for all levels of players – in all sports.

“When I first started to play golf, I was psychologist already but I was rookie in golf. I was surprised why there are so many golfing psychologists for professional players but almost none for amateur golfers. Do ordinary golfers have no desire of being better?, I was asking myself.”

Of course they do. Many golfers instead of doing two basic and yet important things, are just buying new clubs every year. Shouldn’t you just learn to drive properly before buying a racing car? The performance car won’t drive better just because it’s super-fast.

Golf clubs versus sport cars

The same goes to the golf clubs. First of all, – golfer must start to take regular lessons with certified teaching golf professional. Second, they must start to use the golfing psychology.

“The reason for that is that – no golf club will ever send the ball to desired position until the golfer will have necessary skills – and ability to control them anywhere and anytime.”

Thing is that you don’t have play all the time next to golfing psychologist. You don’t even have to stick your nose into thick and boring books of golf psychology that were written ages ago. You can simple put T-H-I-S little thing into your pocket – and grab it only when you need quick advice.

Golf The Easy Way Mario Beky Golf psychology

This is why we call it Performance pocket guide.

More than one type of golfer

The webinar Pre-tournament routine in golf is dedicated to all types of golfers. You clearly see by watching it why it is important to set up playing routine according to your own playing characteristics.

This way you can intensively target your work on specific goals. For some it may be breaking of 100, 90, 80 or even 70. For the others it might be better results for students in own golfing academy.

Gain a deeper look into your unused potential. If you are professional player, – you can reassess your actual style and adjust it to your personality.