Rethinking Mental Approach Part One

Rethinking mental approach

Rethinking mental approach. No wasting time of theory that we all find boring. We leave this honor to others. We will go straight ahead to practical sport psychology tips. Just a quick reminder that all these hints are an excerpt from our worldwide known coaching system called the Advanced Mental Coaching. You may know it mostly from our performance pocket guides. You may have even experienced it via our individual coaching sessions with one of our professional instructors. If in any way not, make sure to check our official website You can also search for MARIOBEKY on all major social platforms or directly to shop for our products on Amazon or EBay.

Professional training versus real life

Right before I, as an author of Advanced Mental Coaching created it, I was struggling myself in multiple areas. I couldn’t perform, I was afraid, I was desperate and many times even angry with my results. Even though I had the professional training successfully completed I didn’t know why I wasn’t performing not good enough. I fell that I had the abilities but somehow I was missing few important parts of this puzzle. Once I started to use the hints I was giving to my clients (and they were recovering from their issues exceptionally) I started to see a change in the outcomes.

Time for a change

There are no secrets. There is no mystique. There is no “someone else’s time” or “someone else’s place”. It is always my time and always my place. It is always my decision and my will but more importantly it is always my knowledge. Once I do use specific hint for a specific situation, I can gain the control over it. If you already know our performance pocket guides you may know what I’m talking about because this is discussed at the page 22 of a professional version. The first question you must ask yourself is: “When it’s the best time for a change?”. Continue to read about rethinking the mental approach in the second part of this post – click here. Do you follow our most recent updates on Facebook? Visit our shop to take a step forward.