Rethinking the approach

Rethinking the approach

Rethinking the Approach. The first question you must ask yourself is: “When it’s the best time for a change?”. It is always at in any time but this doesn’t really answering the question, am I correct? The answer is following:

If you are not satisfied with actual results it is time for reasoning and reviewing mistakes and faults.

You must feel either comfortable or the opposite way to take a step forward. When you feel comfortable take a step ahead. If you are not feeling comfortable try to find a way that will work and choose it. If you are not feeling positive about some step it will be probably because it is isn’t the right way for you.

Professional way

Stop over analyzing the situations! Therefore make sure that you are not over thinking the actual situation. At all times (no matter what circumstances or no matter what your playing level) you must practice with certified professional regularly. That is the most important premise of all.

If you aim compare your results to professionals, you must start think think like a professional.

If for some reason the one you are practicing with right now isn’t motivating you enough, switch to another teaching professional. The reason to practice with the PRO is that he is looking on your routine from the other side. That look is always in a professional way.

Mental approach in golf

For golfers – if you feel comfortable at the driving range but you don’t deliver scores in tournaments maybe you should consider playing at least 1 risky  shot per round. Sometimes the gain is worth a risk. Always reconsider. Always try the rethinking of your approach.

Calculate and evaluate in numbers, percentages to get the most exact result as possible.

Now comes a hint worth of millions. Rethink a mental approach and do the math every time so you feel less pressured and you know how to continue. In golf that means – the difference between the next worse shot are always two strokes.

Control in challenging situations

These are the two reasons how not to ruin the whole scorecard. It’s because of 1 fact – with making a bad shot increases probability of hitting the next bad shot multiple times. Do you feel that you are a prodigy in the sport you are playing?

Do you know how to control yourself in challenging situations?

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