Psychology definition

Psychology definition versus motivation

Psychology definition versus motivation. Welcome to next episode of our series about the mental game and the sport psychology. Whether you are reading this blog article or you are listening to the podcast, or watching it on YouTube, you can learn more.

You can learn more about yourself and your possibilities.

We’re leaving the honor of motivate you only to our fellow colleagues the motivational speakers. What we are giving you instead is something valuable. Something to which you can hold on. Something that will help you to use your full potential.

Not a motivator but a psychologist

I am a psychologist. These series of tips (written and spoken) are telling about the ways how everybody can use the psychology on everyday basis. In an easy way. Our specific hints are always for specific situations mostly applicable in instant moments.

Psychology is a science and it helps us to understand and control behavior.

Yes, all that is possible. But first of all you must be aware what the psychology really is. Psychology isn’t about the psyche, mind or the spirit because it is a science about our behavior.

Psychology is a science

The psychology being a science means that we are not playing the guessing game anymore. Psychology means to gain the control over actual situation. We, the psychologists who are scientists use always 3 steps to get extraordinary results. These 3 steps are the secrets for every achievement and understanding the progress in our life.

First we identify, then we describe so we can control.

Wouldn’t be great to get the control over our lives? Is it, however, possible? Can I really be the master of my domain? Of course, I can. No matter wherever you need to gain control once and for all – sport, learning or life.

Positive psychology

While the majority of psychology is oriented on resolving the already existing problems, we decided to give away the info that will save you for getting into a trouble (mostly). Yes, exactly, just like your parents did tell you what not to do for not getting into a jail.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to relax before important job interview or school exam?

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to learn before attending the big test at the end of the semester? Yes it would. Exactly as it would be great to learn to calm down before a penalty shot in important match in front of huge crowd.

Psychology tips

This and many more similar topics can be found in our mental game tips. Join us and you can learn more about yourself. You can learn more about your possibilities in an easy way. Read, listen or watch our series about the mental game and psychology on all major social platforms.

Psychology should be available in a simple form to everybody.

All you need to do is to use the keyword MARIOBEKY in your Google search and follow the links attached to this post. After reading this post it’s clear what’s the difference between psychology versus motivation. These tips even though they’re valuable, they’re for free. And the will remain free at all times. Enjoy it! Your team of MARIOBEKY. Visit our shop to learn more.