How to play like Roger Federer – external factors

How to play like Roger Federer – mental game macro analysis.

Play Like Roger Federer / external factors and mental game analysis

This is two part analysis of Roger Federer’s mental game. First part aims to describe it in macro sense. This includes all factors that are present without Roger’s direct intention. The second part aims to describe his mental game in micro sense. This part is speaking about all those tiny things we can see in his actions or described in his own words though interviews. You will find here topics like physical predispositions, family support but also the importance of meeting wife Mirka. This is what you need in order to play like Roger Federer. Please, have on your mind that people are not the same. Therefore it is important to understand that what works best for Roger doesn’t have to work for you.

How to play like Roger Federer
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Time needed: 7 days, 7 hours and 7 minutes.

How to play like Roger Federer – macro analysis

  1. Physical skills / predispositions

    Before anything else champion needs to have well build body to the type of sport he like to be successful in. This body must be healthy. Roger’s body was wonderfully prepared for the tennis career. Correct physical training enabled him to get the best options available for is excellent results. Would this be possible if he was 150cm short? Probably not. Would be easy for him to run through the tennis court if he was 2.75m long? Probably not.

  2. Technical talent

    There’s no doubt that Roger has inborn gift of watching the ball, follow it and respond to it in a way where he is in control. Success is made out of talent and skill. In order to not letting talent fade, you must practice in specific way in under specific conditions. Roger was lucky to have wonderful conditions that made his game amazing.

  3. Early family support

    We all are like seeds. The way our parents / patrons take care about us, the way we are going to grow up. Roger was smart when he listened to his parents in the early stages of his career. He could have been easily one of those players who can’t stand the pressure or who are too proud to adopt themselves. He made the changes, he listened and all paid off.

  4. Meeting wife Mirka

    Meeting his wife – Mirka made huge impact on him. He continually grew up from boy into a man. Mirka’s emotional support is still boosting his morale. Additionally Mirka helped him to organize tournament life and thus to have one worry less. That was what allowed him to fully concentrate on game only and leave all unnecessary distractions out.

  5. Worry-free-later-life

    It’s difficult to say whether one can have worry-free-life but we are going to use it as slight metaphor. Roger stayed with his feet on the ground. He didn’t start looking for transcendental experiences. Roger let his life flow as it should. He got married, he got kids, and in other words, he lived a normal life without hunting blindly for another record.

  6. Balanced life

    Some people’s talent is free to flourish only in unprivileged environment. Other people’s talent can be set free only when meeting sort of worry-free-life. This life-balance seems to have incredible effect on Roger’s professional performance. When perfect supporting conditions are met, everything starts to click. These are, however macro secrets. In next post I’ll concentrate on micro secrets which will describe RF mental advantages that made him become best tennis player of all times.

What can you learn about yourself?

We can learn a lot from observing champions. Roger is not only example of great tennis player. He is also a person who isn’t flawless. However, he understood his dreams, his actions and tried to tweak them into a status where he dominated the game of tennis like no other player in history. This also applies for you. Observe your game, correct your faults and work on them step by step. I’m specializing on helping players like you are. Feel free to follow my blog or if you want to improve your mental game as fast as possible grab my book Pocket Tennis Psychology. It works fantastic with our online mental game training. Check it out in our Academy. But before anything else click here and analyze your potential in this super-quick 1 minute test.

Mental game analysis (part 2)

Second part of analysis of Roger’s Fereder’s mental game is uncovering lot more. You will read about his laser focus, his ability to stay in connection with his goals and also his awareness of own lesser skills. Additionally you will read about his desire to repair things that are not working and other interesting observations. Furthermore, the whole analysis aims to describe Federer’s conditions so that you can learn from it and use it in your own game of tennis.