How to play like Brooks Koepka

How to play like Brooks Koepka (5 steps) – mental game analysis.

In year 2019 one thing is sure – Brooks Koepka is on the rise and it’s just a beginning. This is my personal analysis of his golf game from view of a psychologist. Some of us like golf playing professionals because they play with Titleist clubs. Some of us like them because they were veterans. And some of us have unbiased preferences based on our professional background. I must admit that I am big fan of Brooks because of the reasons I will mention below.

Time needed: 7 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes.

How to play like Brooks Koepka (5 steps)

  1. Clear and simple goals

    Koepka’s golfing path indicates that he has own predetermined goals. They are clear and way to them is divided into small steps. This enables him to go from one point to another without being distracted too much.

  2. Sharp focus

    Focus is not a word. Focus is series of processes. This is based on either learned knowledge or acquired personal experience. But mostly it might be combination of those two. Since Brooks did define his own goals he is aware of steps he needs to accomplish. And there is only one effective way of doing it.

  3. Eliminating external distractions

    The further you look into the rabbit hole the more unnecessary info you may put into your attention. It seems that Brooks is aware of that. Therefore has abandoned dwelling in feelings of himself or in feelings of others. He is using 1 very effective method to do so.

  4. Pace of the game

    Brooks also knows that wasting time on golf course equals wasting opportunities. 1,2,3…15 seconds and let’s go to the shot. This seems to be his strongest mental game asset. However, as it usually is, our strongest assets are also our weak points at some point. Read further below.

  5. Observe, analyze, execute

    I bet you heard quote “if you’re going through the hell, keep going.”. This is what Brooks does. He just goes to the task, analyzes it and executes it.

How to play like Brooks Koepka
How to play like Brooks Koepka, source

Playing approach

Sure is that I and even you can’t see in his head. What we can get for us is based on 2 things. First is what he says. Second is how he acts. This is also on what is psychology as a science based. So far, his actions and responds in interviews that his playing approach is very close to my mental game training program.


What can we all learn from Brooks Koepka’s golf game approach? We can learn a lot. First of all, he isn’t concerned about other players or beer cart girl. Second, he doesn’t wastes time on overthinking in his pre shot routine. Third, he doesn’t need music on driving range nor in the tournament. He focuses on what he needs to be done in order to play well. The question is: Are you focused enough to reach your golfing goals?

p.s. He stated numerous times that he noticed how some of his playing colleagues are clearly slower than him. This might be also a reason why we see sometimes even mental strong player like he is, to be unbalanced. Our next analysis will show what’s the difference between Koepka’s and McIlroy’s weak point.

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