Coaching, psychology, mind performance, sport, learning

Coaching, psychology, mind performance, sport, learning

Coaching, psychology, mind performance, sport, learning from MARIOBEKY.COM is also known as Advanced Mental Coaching (AMC). It’s the world’s first self-coaching system that can be customized to the requirements of a client. Advanced mental coaching was developed from results of clinical psychology practice.

The main idea of AMC is showing how clients can use psychology strategies in a simple way in everyday activities. That is to say, our products (books, coaching, seminars) offer simple systems with instant application and long lasting effect. The sophisticated structure of AMC guarantees necessary guidelines for constant growth. So the AMC is fit to be used by any age, any expectations and any abilities. In sport that means –  amateur players use the same system as professionals.

The structure of Advanced mental coaching

with books
on your own


Client uses a book, guide, manual, organizer on his/her own. Hints in our books are compressed and ready to be used directly into competition (golf fairway, tennis court).
advanced mental coaching

within online

books, courses

Additionally to books, which are our academy members getting for free, they receiving also access to video lessons, coaching calls, weekly tasks in extended online courses.


Person to person
individual premium
online coaching

books, courses and more

Premium clients receive along the books, extended online course also individual training sessions with certified mental game instructors and personalized analysis of growth.
advanced mental coaching mind performance psychologyadvanced mental coaching mind performance psychology

Why do players use Mario’s simple psychology in sport?

“Mario’s sport psychology is filled with incredible energy which can be used directly on the golf course.”

advanced mental coaching mind performance psychology

How psychology really works

AMC – mental game program for sport and learning contains over 100 lessons. They follow chronically and rely to each other. Every session shows something new. Therefore, a successful acquiring of new abilities in mental toughness allows client to grow not only in theoretical basis. Unlike other coaching services, AMC is clearly showing to a client how psychology really works.

All theory has connection to practical mental game exercises either directly in books or in online courses. Advanced mental coaching uses quizzes and tasks to help clients to conquer their fears, doubts and procrastinations. This way, clients go from theoretical basis to real world situations in a fluid experience.

Effective mental coaching

Effective mental training is strong yet easy to understand system. We also track the progress of premium clients from very beginning via special Mental profile of the client (MPC).  This just another way of the most profound system of support and individual experience. AMC is for every person who wants to have more fun when playing favorite sport or when learning new things.

We teach our clients to gain their best personal performance and convert it into a simple and repeatable habit. Once they will strengthen their skills, they are learning to execute it without thinking about it. We experience 100% positive feedback from our clients. Moreover, when the majority of our clients are amateur players or ordinary students.


State of the art self-coaching program

We didn’t create just another training from ancient theory. We literally reinvented the wheel in mental coaching by going from a problem to a product. Unlike elsewhere, our clients don’t wait years and then hope for some miraculous results. Our clients are hungry to see results fast. That is the ultimate fulfillment in a present time.

This is possible only by building strong fundamentals and strengthening them with sophisticated strategies. The sophistication of otherwise complex theories from scientific studies of psychology enabled to create a simple system that even children understand. Those were our first clients from whom we learned that if they can use Advanced mental coaching, then it can every driven adult.