Mental game tips before golf tournament

Mental game tips before golf tournament

Mental game tips before golf tournament are useful only when they are applied.

Different pace

The practicing on the driving range is way different than ordinary practicing. Actually, it’s more warm-up than real practicing. The key is to keep things going but in different pace and sometimes even in different order.

“When you hit the shots, – you must use your time efficiently – this way you are squeezing everything out of actual effort.”

This makes you more professional. Perform warm up in a correct way and there will be nothing that may force you to stop. No other people or unexpected conditions on the golf course.

Your urge to be victorious won’t allow you to not even blink – when facing invisible demons hidden in bunkers, water or rough. This goes for the mindset.

But what about actual tips – how to layer this warm up What helps and what not? Let me give you 3 quick tips for the mental warm up before tournament.

Tip #1 – Shots of shorter distance

TRICK NUMBER ONE. Always start with shorter distance shots which require smaller tension to your muscles. I will repeat it and you can rewind it, once the replay of this Masterclass is available.

“Always start with shots of shorter distance which require smaller tension to your muscles.”

Start just with super easy chipping. For example shoot 3 times the distance of 5 yards. Then pitching  shoot 3 times the distance of ten yards and after that shoot 3 times the distance of thirty yards.

“At this point it really doesn’t matter if you play in yards or meters because our goal here is to show you how to continually increase the intensity of movement so that your muscles are getting warmed up.”

Along that – your muscle memory is receiving a reboot and re-initializes what you have already stored in your body. This same – goes also for short game, – playing from bunkers – and putting.

“Always go from shorter distances to longer distances.”

You might have a feeling – that you heard me say something different in the online courses of extended practicing. And yes, you are quite right. This is however warm-up and not practicing.

If you went through your whole course in our Academy, – you also noticed – that I gave a perfect explanation for it.

Tip #2 – 50% 1st shot

TRICK NUMBER TWO. This one is quite important. You should obey it even – if you won’t use trick number one. Never, and I repeat it with exclamation mark!

“Never hit the first practicing shot – with more than 50% of your full power.”

You want to avoid ripping your muscles. Yes, – even this can happen.

Tip #3 – 5 shots per club or less

TRICK NUMBER THREE. The goal of hitting not more five shots per club – is to renew restart the muscle memory. Therefore whatever mood you are in – hitting five shots per club before tournament is enough.

“We have this urge sometimes to empty the whole bucket of range balls. There is no need for that.”

I’m saying it again you want warm up your muscles and not getting tired. You want to stay fresh because there’s a battle ahead and you are decided to be victorious in it. That’s the 3 simple and quick tricks for warm up before golfing tournament.