Sport, learning and life

Sport, learning and life

Sport, learning and life – these are 3 main areas in which we offer our expertise.

How to use psychology to live easier life

There are two people and both of them will be equally physically gifted. The only thing that determines their results is the level of their mental strength. That includes their own as well as expectations of their social environment. 2 Alberts (eg. Albert Einstein vs. Albert XYZ) will differ only in what will run through their heads. How to use psychology to live easier life?

Do you watch your results? Are you satisfied with your actual results? Do you know how to relax in safe comparing to challenging environment? AMC is the most intuitive & the most effective system of improvement strategies.

Self-control – practicing the self-control

Observation of two individuals (with identical physical skills) shows possibilities for comparison. The one who decides not to strengthen his abilities will fail against the other who improves continuously. But how can you perform well when your ambitions force you to increase performance? The answer is – You need a system.

Individual who takes control over his body and mind, takes control over his achievements. Mastering the self-control is the deciding key. If you are amateur or professional you can gain control over your actions & results.

Learn to control your anger

Our brain is a center of management processes and affects behavior in both directions (in and out). The thoughts we use in the moment in which we face a challenging situation affect overall outcome. In the large extent. Positive or negative feelings obtained during un/successful effort leave a ditch in our mind.

Probably did experience intensive feelings because of a challenging situation.  In sport, learning and also in other life situations.

Inner game – sport, golf

We need to use advanced strategies and therefore to improve our inner game. Once we’ll start to use the best available we’ll focus in a different way. Consistent inner game means consequently a lower gaming handicap.

Focusing on few basic options gives us more breathing space when you are facing opponents. One day it may take just one stroke to win. Amateur mental game strategies build new generation of golfers.

Relaxing techniques before, during and after the challenging situation

We are here to help you when “Just relax!” is not enough. It is always good to have time reserve before an important occasion. The lack of time is a significant factor that increases stress. Professionals know that a good result requires perfect conditions therefore they use the psychology. Every mistake is clearly visible mainly with the very long or very short strokes.”

AMC shows several relaxing techniques that can be used anytime. Before, during or even after the challenging situation. We represent Psychology, the easy way and so can you. Explore today!

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Sport, learning and life - how to use psychology to live easier life