Smart golf warm-up tricks for golfers of all types

Smart golf warm-up tricks before golf

Smart warm-up tricks before golf tournaments help you prepare yourself for competition.

Small calculations do create big opportunities

I said that you should reserve at least 30 minutes to practicing on the driving range. If will you take not more than five shots with every club you have in your bag, you still have time for the stage which is crucial.

“Reserve ten to fifteen minutes for putting. And then ten to fifteen minutes on the shots from the sand.”

You will be amazed – what kind of difference it can make to final score of the golf tournament. Remember that putting is THE most important part of game. Most of the shots we are making – are those on the green.

Golf is a balance

Just theoretically reduce one shot on each hole from all eighteen, subtract it from your last worst score – and you will see – what kind of difference it can make. The golf is balance – and you should always have it on your mind.

“Going to tournament or even individual shot – immediately without preparation or with over-analyzing it, calls for a disaster.”

Try to keep balance in those two – and everything is going to be fine.


FOCUS! The last stage is pretty simple and obvious – and yet – we all tend to fall into trap of doing it – over and over again. You don’t need to think about other players on the driving range.

And you don’t have to think about other players – from your flight as well. It is you and your game. Focus on yourself. Focus on your shots. You mind controls your balls not theirs.

“Your mind is steering you in the right direction. Once you achieve one of your objectives, move to another one.”

Goals for the tournament

Oh gosh! You don’t have your objectives set yet. In that case let me give you one more trick to your pre-tournament routine.

“Write at least three objectives that you want to achieve in this tournament. Try to remember that they need to be. First – specific. Second – realistic. Third – of medium difficulty.”

Send me email to with your results from this tournament. I bet you will achieve at least one of those goals.