Slovakia is the First Country in Golf

Slovakia is the first country in the world that offers new standard for golf players. The new standard is the mental game. Slovakia is the first country in the world that offers mental game as standard for all golfers on golf courses! New revolution in the game, and it really is. For the first time in the history of golf, amateur golfers face incredible opportunity. For the first time ever, amateur golfers can work on their mental game.

The Privilege in the game Golf

Selected Slovak Golf Clubs and Golf Shops decided to be the first in the World of Golf. They are offering now something that was available for Tour Pro’s only. It wasn’t so until recently. What has been a privilege only for chosen ones, it is now available to everybody. The amateur players have now full access to the improvement of their playing abilities. It started in 2014 and the trend grows in 2016 even more.

The Courage and the Curiosity

Thanks to the courage and curiosity of leading personalities of the golf ventures Slovak golfers have now advantage ahead of other countries. Even though, Slovakia is a small country and less known in the World of Golf, it managed to become a bold pioneer. It took its chance and other countries can follow this example.

Grow the Game of Golf!

I’m proud to be part of this journey, a journey that it is called “Grow the Game of Golf!” #growthegame. We started to prepare a solid ground for something unusual in this industry. We were bold and the time was right. In fact, the time is still right. Although for some, golf may face another challenge on its timeline, we decided to create a new chapter of this remarkable game, instead.

Great partnerships

Where some see a downfall, others see an opportunity. With great partnerships we opened new possibilities for every golfer. Golf is on the crossroad and it is time to make a decision. We know now that along with practicing of the physical aspects, players need to work on their mental game. Do they need it because it is good for their game? Yes. However, golfers need to work on their mental game, because the better results will give them more satisfaction. With the correct support of the mental game they can have more Fun than ever.

The best mental game of golf

The mental game of golf in Slovakia isn’t just first, it is also the best. I was fortunate to face in my career professional experience along with personal challenges which enabled me to create something unique. At the moment when I realized that I created something special, I knew that I must share it with other players. Thanks to the courage of, at that time, a small group of people, we started to develop a great moment of this game. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has an opportunity now to work on their mental game.

Being at the right time at the right place

It is literally being at the right time at the right place. Golfer in Slovakia can walk into the several golf clubs or golf shops and start to make a change in his/her life immediately. These places have available the pocket guides that are changing the game forever. My Performance Pocket Guides are based on the self-coaching program of strategies and are fully customizable. Impossible, you say? That was the exact word that people used to say when Henry Ford presented his idea for cars for everyone. We are about to start a New and a Good Revolution in Golf. Actually, we already started it.

Join the Exclusive Club

The exclusivity of this opportunity isn’t to have an access to something that others don’t. The exclusivity of this club is in the individual decision that these golfers make. We don’t force anyone to pick my pocket guide and get better. It is the Player itself that makes a decision to have more fun in the game. You don’t have to be Green Jacket’s aspirant, you don’t have to aim for the Claret Jug, all you need to have is a Will to have more Joy in the game. Or if you are a Golf Club manager or Golf Shop owner, all you need to have is a Will to offer your clients a New Standard and a New, Bigger Value.

In the World and not only in Slovakia

The option of Mental Game for Amateur Golf isn’t available in Slovakia only. Everyone in the World has the opportunity now. Christer was the first in Sweden, Renan was the first in Australia, Jackie was the first in the USA. Jitka is a regular golfer in Czech Republic, Christopher from Scotland ordered more than just one pocket guide and Jason is on his way to the PGA Tour. All these and the other players that are using Performance Pocket Guides are Amateur Golfers. Everyone of them has own goal, own expectations but the one common passion – the Golf.

The future of Golf

They know now that they can customize their game and determine their results. What about you? I already know that you are thinking about going on the golf course and playing your best game. I already see that you are coming back and telling yourself “Why did I miss that shot?” or “If only I could relax better!” or “I wish I could have more control in the critical situations!”. In fact, you already know that you can. All you need to do is to make a decision and pick the best choice for you. Slovak golfers already made that decision.

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