Mental preparation in Golf

Mental preparation in Golf

Mental preparation in Golf is equal to physical preparation.

Know your equipment

I’m here to tell you several important facts.

Prepared means being one step ahead

Before any tournament, match, any competition, golfer must make sure to have following things straight. Golfer must know them well so that he’ll be prepared to face any obstacle. Being prepared means being one step ahead.

Know your game well so you can choose the right equipment – clubs, clothing, bag, balls.

Golfer must practice in order to know with what clubs he plays his best game. Asking for advice of certified club fitter is the best option. The correct playing equipment is one of the tools which define our results. Go even into smallest details of every little hing you are using. Tweak every little percentage to gain the big way.

Know your thinking

Set up for yourself goals. Divide them into various categories. Practicing goals, tournament goals, mental preparation goals or even relaxing goals. Goals are the way-point sby which your golfing journey is planned.

Connecting all of your goals in golf is creating image of your playing personality.

Whether we golfers admit it or not, we’re always striving for better results. Where’s the fun if we’re not winning or at least improving, right? Thing is that goals are target destinations. How would we know which way to go if we don’t the name of our destination? By defining short term and long term goals we’re practically defining our playing personality.

Golfing personality

What defines our playing personality and what defines my playing personality? What kind of game do I prefer? Is there any specific approach that suits me best? In what conditions I’m most comfortable in? The way we’re answering these and similar questions is slowly uncovering our playing personality.

It wouldn’t be wise and effective if we have to push ourselves into something. Especially if you, for example, prefer active form of playing when our approach is more strategic.

Advanced Mental Coaching is the improvement program it is extremely important to define player’s personality before we start to work together. This creates more welcoming conditions for player in first place.

Identifying your playing personality opens new possibilities for your improvement. See for yourself and use TEST TOOL on our website, MARIOBEKY.COM. Know your playing personality and it will be much easier for you to see strong advantages of Advanced Mental Coaching.

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