Golf training programs

Golf training programs

Golf training programs.

Training programs for teaching golf professionals and golfing students

  • Golfing students


    LEVELS 1 to 4

    LESSONS 25 to 86+

    QUIZZES 10 to 30+

    – sections –

    Basic level up to

    Ultimate level ✔

    5 gifts in worth of 49€

    Access to Private FB group

    FAQ up to
    premium support

    Available for students of teaching golf professionals /or academies/ only

    Mental game training for my students!

  • Teaching Golf PRO


    LEVEL 5

    LESSONS 86+

    QUIZZES 30+

    – sections –

    Ultimate level with

    extended stages ✔

    33 gifts in worth of 1000€

    Access to Private FB group

    Ultimate call
    link with 24/7 access

    Available for certified teaching golf professionals and psychologists only

    I want to become mental game instructor!

What are the golf psychology training programs?

Mental game of golf  / golf psychology training programs for golf academies, teaching golf professionals and their golfing students.

Learn how can you as a Golf Pro make your students more happy and your services to stand out.

Who is option PLAYER for?

Golf Academy and Teaching Golf Professional who want to expand its services of mental game of golf / golf psychology courses for their students.

Who is option INSTRUCTOR for?

Teaching Golf Professional or Psychologist who want to become a certified Advanced mental coaching instructor in mental game of golf / golf psychology.