To Cure The Putting Yips

To Cure The Putting Yips

How To Cure The Putting Yips? Do you want to save your time by reading the whole article? Fine. We’ll be frank with you. No one can cure the putting yips but you. In fact, no one can (until this day) cure any other yips but you. That also includes chipping yips, driving yips, pitching yips, etc. A person who proclaims that he or she can do that, probable has the magic power or his or her scientific results hasn’t been published yet. However, there are some valuable points that may help you to overcome some parts of this unpleasant experience. Today, we’ll be discussing them. Join us and learn as much as you can because this is the only way to “cure” your yips.

What Golfer Can’t Do vs. What Golfer Can Do

First of all, this is what everyone must know (if you suffer from yips and you want to change it). Do explore your situation thoroughly and make these 3 simple steps!

 1. Is Your Body OK?

First, make sure that the cause of your yips isn’t organic. What does it mean? For example, it can be that your ability of loosing the focus has really something to do with your eyes. Is your sight in good condition? Did any doctor confirmed that you are not suffering from any kind of deviation in your sight? While looking for other reasons, ti will be wise to let your doc to examine your eyes. There are also series of physical anomalies that may have direct or indirect effect on performing the fine motor skills. The full medical examination of your body will provide you with more detailed info.

 2. Is Your Equipment OK?

The good news is that if you’ll eliminate the possibility that your body affecting your actions, you can move on to another option. The loss of fine motor skills can also root from one very obvious reason. Is your golfing equipment properly fitted for you? We tend to overlook the most obvious reasons probably more than anything else. It doesn’t matter which clubs uses Rory or Jordan. While their equipment is generally adjusted to their type of body, type of game, their age, etc. yours can differ from it in a big way. So don’t buy certain types of clubs just because your idols are using them. Find a fitting professional who will help you to get best possible equipment for you. So you can eliminate also the second possible reason of your putting yips.

 3. Is Your Mental Game OK?

The Most Important Reason For Yips Is Your Head. The most influential thing that affects your ability to control your fine motor skills is almost always with you. You are taking it in the driving range. You are having it on the final green and it never goes away. The best thing to do is to gain the control over the whole situation, literally by taking the control and nothing else. In addition to that, you will be rewarded. The Golf Pro can give you a valuable info about the situation you’re in, it is up to you how do you handle with it. Rather than waiting for a miraculous healing of the putting yips, take the wise road. Learn everything possible about your current status a take the correct measurements. If your body is OK and if your equipment is OK, you only need to fix your head.

Curing The Yips In Golf

Curing the yips in golf isn’t simple and easy. It is, however almost always possible. And in addition to that it’s far more available to all golfers now than it was ever before. You don’t have to be professional golfer to want to avoid the yips. The main reason for having all forms of yips is the lack of control. How to gain the control? For example, we are the professionals who are mainly oriented on delivering these kinds of services. But then it must be expensive, am I right? No, not at all. We were able to create a system which can use every golfer on his/her own. This system is less than 20 US dollars but the best thing is that it can be customized to everybody. Fully. Most important thing on curing the yips is to cooperate with professionals on the area that is affected mostly.

Determine The Results

You have the options to chose from. Whether you’ll reach for one of our performance pocket guides or you’ll go for an individual coaching program, your choice will be great. As a result of that you will be granted with freedom of improvement. Isn’t this what you have been looking for since you did start with golf? Customizing the game and determining the results is our slogan just because it is possible to do so. Yes, you are reading about the yips all the time. “No one really knows what they are and how to avoid them” they said and yet our team did find a solution. The solution by which you can take the control over your thinking in simple steps. Anytime and anyway you want.

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