Partnerships are very important for us. Through the cooperation with ventures with we deliver the most of all. Our products talk to more people and therefore create more joy in life. Below this text you will find a list of our Official Partners. Due to the high demand on our products we work hard on creating new working partnerships. Maybe you too wish to offer your clients more by creating business relation with us.

First of all, don’t wait. If you either have great product, service or an idea please contact us via following link. We will gladly discuss possible conditions on which we could cooperate and so create more value for our mutual clients.

If you are a school which wants to give its students the opportunity to improve their results in learning and setting up goals, just subscribe to Free seminars about Effective Learning. When we agree your students will become eligible for special discounts on selected series of our products. Does this seems like very simple to you? It is and also it is probably the best choice you’ve made yet.

Same as everything else in our activities we rather choose to be different but most of all the best. Therefore we talk less and do more – look at it as a result of modern and also almost unshakeable belief that quality of our products is opposite to another you’ll find on the market.

Brand ambassadors of

(psychologists, professional golfers, etc.)

Partnerships in Golf

(PGA, Professionals, marketing specialists, golf clubs and golf shops; this also includes places where you can find our official products)

Lyle Kirkham, UK

Anne Duffy, UKGolf analyzer and mental skills coach, Author of the Kilroy College course in Golf Psychology

Golf Code 360, USA – Elite Golf In Months Not Years, Simple Organized Learn Perform Progress 

Mark Croft Golf Academy, USA – The Only Golf Academy and Golf School in Yuma, Arizona

Desert Southwest Golf Show, USAGolf Show Podcasts Live at 560 KBLU

Rich O’Brien, USA – Grow the Game & Golf Therapy, FRA – Le site des petites annonces des Golfeurs, FRA – Patrice Scanu, Emotion, Grandeur, Nature, FRA – Eric MERRIAUX, Stages-Séjours, Compétitions de Golf, FRA – L’expertise de Rémy Bedu, FRA – L’Académie de Golf de Laurent Jockschies, FRA – Jean-philippe Serres golf academy

Agama golf klub, Prievidza, SVK, Golf & Country club Piešťany, SVK

Golf pro všechny, Golfový areál Ropice, CZE

Partnerships in Learning

(schools, universities, personalities, organizations; this also includes places, eg. schools which students are eligible for acquiring discounts on selected types of our products)

Slovakia – Obchodna akademia, Stara Lubovna, Gymnazium J.B. Magina, Vrbove, Gymnazium, Alejova 1, Kosice, Gymnazium B. S. Timravy, Lucenec, SHA Dufincova, Michalovce, SG Zeleziarne Podbrezova, Podbrezova, EGT, Tisovec.

Golf Channel Golf Revue Sport psyched Golf Code 360 Desert Southwest Golf Show Mario Beky Advanced Mental Coaching