Application for online training Professional mental game of golf

Answer these 10 questions about golf so we can evaluate if you are eligible for joining online training Professional mental game of golf and become an outstanding golfer.

What type of golfer you are?
How many rounds of golf do you usually play in 1 month?
What is your goal for this season?
What do you want to achieve in golf?
How often do you practice?
Have you ever worked with golf psychologist / performance psychologist on your golf game?
Who is the winner of 2019 Masters at Augusta
How much are you ready to sacrifice?
If your application will be approved, how fast are you ready to start with Professional mental game online training?
Do you agree to follow and fill Practicing diary that we will send you along with other supporting materials?

I believe that enrolling into Professional mental game for golf online training would be valuable for myself. For this reason I am sending this application for reviewing.

You're all set. Please, click the big blue SUBMIT button below and we'll get you all taken care of. You'll be communicating with Susan from our office and she'll give you all details.

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