50 EUR Gift Certificate

 50.00 TAX included

This is a 50 EUR Gift Certificate for shopping at MARIOBEKY.COM


50 EUR Gift Certificate

50 EUR Gift Certificate is neat choice for making family and friends happy. Use it on shopping from MARIOBEKY.COM.

General conditions of using the gift certificate/voucher

1. The value on the voucher will be deducted from the purchase price at www.mariobeky.com
2. The voucher can not be exchanged for money. The value of the voucher can not be changed to a 2 or more smaller values. The voucher value can only be used for one-time purchase.
3. In the case of goods for which a gift voucher has been purchased, you may be refunded (in the event of withdrawal from a purchase contract or in the case of a legitimate claim) by means of a replacement gift voucher or by creating an adequate credit for the purchase of other goods.
4. The voucher is valid for one year from the purchase, after this period the voucher becomes invalid.
5. With this voucher can only be paid for at www.mariobeky.com.
6. To get detailed information on how to proceed with applying a voucher, please visit our website at https://www.mariobeky.com/faq/ or read more in https://www.mariobeky.com/shop/terms-and-conditions/.
7. By downloading the voucher and displaying the code, you agree with the Terms & conditions of MARIOBEKY.COM.
8. After using the code to pay for the purchase on www.mariobeky.com, the voucher becomes invalid.
9. The purchase of goods is governed by the applicable Terms & conditions of MARIOBEKY.COM, Mgr. Mario Beky.
10. Voucher cannot be replaced in any way in case of loss.

This voucher is not valid on purchase of any external or affiliate product. This voucher cannot be purchased by using any voucher or coupon code. If a buyer will try to purchase this voucher by using any voucher or coupon code we will not complete the transaction and return the buyer the purchase value deducted from the transaction fees that were connected to this activity.

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