Sport. Advanced Mental Coaching is based on the experience and experiments in the sport. Sport is one of 3 corner stones on which our company stands. We deliver the best mental preparation in the World for the individuals as well as for groups. Between 2012 and the 2016 the majority of our clients were active people (amateurs and professionals). Since then we are orienting also on learning and achieving goals in everyday life. We deliver scientific resolutions for everyday activities and those are in close connection with sporting activities. Both of them rely on facts and specific data. Our products offer clients to identify, to describe and to control their mental preparation based on the acquired data. Yes, it is possible and we made it quite effective. Advanced Mental Coaching as a self-coaching system did open door for incredible possibilities for everyone who want to achieve more then the rest of his/her group. Whether our clients are active sportsmen or sportswomen or weekend players, our products are the right thing for their passion. Pick the way you want to improve and that will be your first step on the way to achieving your goals. Contact us for more info.

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