Pricing for coaching

Pricing for Coaching

Pricing of the Advanced Mental Coaching (AMC)
Every player is unique. AMC is based at all time on Individual approach Only as an activity that gives an strong support. It is the improvement of mental skills (mental game). Sessions take usually 2-4 hours (juniors 1 – 1 and 1/2 hours). Example – session on the driving range takes approx. 2 hours, 18 guidance takes approx. 4 hours. Sessions go along with the time plan of the Full program. That is because of logical continuity of the program . Rather than groups we prefer to work with 1 person at a time.

Individual sessions

Type of GolferPricing forPricing in € EUR
Junior Golfer (9-14)*1 session900 € EUR
College Golfer (14-22)*1 session1 000 € EUR
Standard Golfer1 session1 500 € EUR
Disabled Golfer*individualindividual (depending on type of disability)

Individual coaching sessions serve for curing the problematic issues of the mental game. We treat every player in the coaching session one on one. All collected data from player are strictly private. Session can be picked from Full coaching program separately and are also logically set. We recommend to follow original order of sessions in the Full coaching program.

Full coaching program

Type of GolferPricing forPricing in € EUR
Junior Golfer (9-14)*full coaching program9 900 € EUR
College Golfer (14-22)*full coaching program14 900 € EUR
Standard Golferfull coaching program19 900 € EUR
Disabled Golfer*individual programindividual (depending on type of disability)

We recommend the full coaching program for all – amateur and also PRO golfers. There are 17 seamless sessions. Each session takes 2-4 hours. The length of session depends on present playing level of golfer. First coaching session starts with getting the personal data. Every info gathered from Player is strictly confident. These data serve for comparison as well as for final evaluation. Player receives the recommendations in the last session.

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What do you learn?

Clients will learn about the stress theories and advanced relaxing techniques. They will understand the game rituals, gain the healthy game confidence and change their thinking. We’ll show them difference between the primary vs. secondary motivation. They’ll also learn to gain self control and techniques how to manage the anger. We’ll help them to improve inner strategies and psychological course management. As a result of that they may better understand cognitive processes during the game. Clients will learn about paradoxes of golf within a game and adjust to that their game plan. We’ll give them hints how to face unwanted situations, with strategies for achieving predetermined goals. That everything helps to gain psychological control of performance growth and other. In addition a client gets better results.

Legal info

All prices, including tax,  invoicing and privacy policy are subject to the laws of the Slovak republic. Invoicing applies within the laws of the Slovak republic. The client receives copy of the Invoice also in English. Pricing info posted above does not include the travel & accommodation costs. Read more in the Terms & conditions.