Pricing for coaching – Advanced mental coaching

Pricing for coaching – Advanced mental coaching

Every player is unique. AMC is based at all time on individual approach only. The improvement of mental game sessions take usually 1-4 hours. For example – session on the driving range takes approx. 2 hours; 18 holes guidance takes approx. 4 hours.

Individual sessions or full coaching program

We recommend the full coaching program for all – amateur and also professional golfers. Individual coaching sessions serve for curing the problematic issues of the mental game. The length of session depends on player’s actual playing level. First coaching session in full program starts with collecting personal data.

We keep all collected data from player as private and all our procedures comply with GDPR issued by European Parliament. Session can be picked from Full coaching program separately.

Player / groupType of trainingPrice in € (EUR)
1 PLAYER (1 session)1 SESSION100 € / 1 hour
1 PLAYER (20 sessions)FULL TRAINING PROGRAM70 € / 1 hour
GROUP (2 – 10 players)1 SESSION80 € / 1 hour
GROUP (2 – 10 players)FULL TRAINING PROGRAM60 € / 1 hour
Pricing for coaching – Advanced mental coaching

Advanced mental coaching

  • 20+ coaching sessions
  • 60 – 90 minutes per session
  • practical mental game of golf
    • golf psychology theory
    • relaxing techniques
    • game-play strategies
    • practicing plans
    • standard mental game practices

Player in full coaching program receives:

  • FREE access to Online Course – Professional Mental Game
  • 1 x FREE instructional guidance during practicing round (18 hole round)
    • Victory hat
  • FREE supporting tools for faster improving
    • 1 x performance pocket guide Pocket Golf Psychology
    • 2 x Professional Yardage Book
    • 2 x Mario’s Yardage Book

All players can choose from unlimited guidance on the golf course during the practicing or during the competition.

All prices, including tax,  invoicing and privacy policy are subject to the laws of the Slovak republic. Invoicing applies within the laws of the Slovak republic. The client receives copy of the Invoice also in English. Pricing info posted above does not include the travel & accommodation costs. Read more in the Terms & conditions.