How to gain advantage in golf with simple mental game tips?

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How to gain advantage in golf with simple mental game tips?

What ways of individual improvement are available for amateur golfer?

How can teaching golf professional deliver more value for own students?

5 stages of mental game of golf training explained in very simple way.

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How to gain advantage in golf with simple mental game tips?

This is the way how to start with improving your golf game. Half of your success on the golf course is within regular practicing with your golf PRO. So, the other half of success in golf is within your head. That is to say, your head in golf is the most important part.

Hence, this subscription opens for you the doors into a better golf game. Also, we’re inviting you to join our private GOLF MENTAL GAME ACADEMY Facebook group. Moreover, you can watch free instructional videos on Top Sport Psychology YouTube channel. We publish weekly long instructional videos and almost daily sport psychology instructional #shorts (tips and tricks).

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Because the Top Sport Psychology takes care about golfers who want to to improve their golf game, the webinar – How to stay present and focused during a round of golf is free to watch. Invite your golfing friends to watch this video too by sharing link of this page. Also, make sure to visit Facebook page of Top Sport Psychology where you will find valuable posts about improving your mental game of golf.

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* Also, we will guide you to he series of mental game performance tools that we are developing with our clients.