What is golf psychology

Golf scores you are getting
are results of 2 major factors

1. How well do you practice with best available golf pro
(It’s 50% of your success in golf. Another 50% is…)
2. How well do you learn to use the best available Mental Game

It literally means that EVEN IF you are practicing with your golf pro and using the most current equipment… your chances playing well are just HALF AS GOOD, unless you are using mental game strategies based on REAL PSYCHOLOGICAL PRAXIS.

There are 5 facts of mental game you must read and understand…

1. Mental game in golf is simple!
2. Mental game can use players of any age or any playing experience!
3. Mental game isn’t motivation or “feel good” theories!
4. Mental game can be adjusted to your personal requirements!
5. YOU CAN’T play good golf WITHOUT using the mental game! Period.

If you’d like to boost your golf game in a way you never experienced before… regardless of your age, abilities or expectations this is the most important letter you’ll read today.

I’ll show you how it is possible in a minute…

But First… A Disclaimer:

Please understand that the results of the people who are using this mental game training (playing handicap from 54 up to Pro golfers) are based on both regular practicing with experienced teaching golf professional as well as thorough following tips that I managed to gather through extensive psychological testing, observations and diagnostic interviews with clients in my personal psychological practice.

All people who entered this mental game training accepted and followed the strategies within their physical and inner strengths and limits in order to achieve extraordinary results. If there was someone who wasn’t able to conquer that it was because he / she rejected some or all of the tips I showed in my training (books, personal or online training). If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT CONTINUE READING THIS LETTER.

With that said… let me jump right in and show you…


This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever read because

If you were able to play good rounds so far it was either because of coincidence or unintentional use of functional mental game strategies.

Trust me, the coincidence is the last thing you want to rely on.

The reasons for that are pretty simple:

You have already invested in golf a lot of money. Investment is not a charity. Investment should give you the value back.

Coincidence is allowing your playing partners to win. Yes, it means that you have a bigger chance to lose. The question is: Do you want that?

You have already invested in golf lot of your precious time! It’s the best years of your life! Every single bucket of balls on the driving range should be seen on your scorecard.

You – yourself believe that you could do much better!

Birdies are always on your mind and you love having control in your hands. You love rounds where you felt confident and the results proved that you’re right. However, all this was probably only the effect of coincidence.

Everybody Knows That

A. in order to play well you need to “Relax!” HOWEVER, only a trained professional (psychologist) will teach you exact breathing exercises that will help you controlling YOUR EMOTIONS any time and at any place YOU WANT!

B. in order to succeed you must have “A Goal!” HOWEVER, only a trained professional (psychologist) will show you the correct way how to choose, how to set and how to divide your goals so that you will remain MOTIVATED in long-term to reach GOLF SCORES YOU DESERVE TO ACHIEVE!

C. in order to play your best you have to “Enjoy The Golf!” HOWEVER, only a trained professional (psychologist) will show you the specific ways how to adjust MENTAL GAME EXERCISES for your own age, for your own dreams and for your own physical and inner capabilities extremely simply so you will get RESULTS REALLY FAST!


To what group do you belong to?

So IF YOU ARE USING just some or any “random motivational mental tips”…

you practically left for good of something that is random conditions…

If only there was a way how to create a mindset that works anytime and at any place YOU WANT…

The old theories you probably came across are outdated and unnecessary wast…

Can you imagine to be stuck in all that boring theory? Not only that…

Can you imagine trying to remember all those graphs and complicated numbers? Of course not!

How to tell which golf psychology should you trust?

Why do golfers use Mario’s sport psychology?

“Mario’s golf psychology is filled with incredible energy which can be used directly on the golf course.”
Sport psycholgy

The best system is the one that is easy to use!

Golf is activity we love to play because it gives us those moments of joy.

Usually “the others” are throwing at you too much of theory that is occupying your mind at the moments when you really don’t need it.

THE MAIN DIFFERENCE between “the others” and Mario’s golf psychology is in its core:

STEP 1 Simple introduction.

STEP 2 Specific tips for specific situations.

STEP 3 Practical exercises.

BONUS STEP Fully customizable.

The deciding moment…


Free golfer is only that one who is on the way of mastering the mental game…

If you want to master your mental game you have to learn how NOT TO THINK in the most important moment of your golf game – IN THE MOMENT OF THE SWING on nothing else BUT your swing.

You're one click away from start

3 ways for 3 types of golfers

The Good News is…

You can start immediately from the comfort of your home. It depends entirely up to you what way do you decide to go.

#1 The Mental Game Of Golf Books

You can either pick some of our books, just like…

Professional Yardage Book
Mario Beky Professional Yardage Book USGA and R&A Conforming

Professional Yardage Book from Mario Beky is USGA and R&A Conforming and fully customizable birdie book for tracking your scores on the golf course.

(click on the image to explore it)

Pocket Golf Psychology
Mario Beky Pocket Golf Psycholgy

The first and the only fully customizable mental game training that fits into your pocket. Study from home, take it to the driving range or directly to the tournament.

The unique content is not only filled never before published professional psychological tips written in the simplest form but also connected with intuitive graphics that are showing you how you can get your emotions under control really fast.

(click on the image to explore it)

#2 The Mental Game of Golf Online Academy

Mario Beky Academy has 3 levels – Basic, Professional and Ultimate…

Mario Beky Online Mental Game Academy

Mario Beky Mental Game Of Golf Online Academy

Basic mental game of golf – online course – developed for absolute beginners

Professional mental game of golf – online course – developed for all playing levels

Ultimate mental game of golf – online course – developed for advanced golfers ONLY!

(click on the image to explore all courses)

Mental Game Training For Golfers – Online Training

Mental Game Academy



24/7 Premium support

25+ gifts in value of 1000+ €

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#3 Personal Coaching Of Mental Game Of Golf

Mario Beky individual and group coaching provides exceptional individual care.

Mario Beky Mental Game Academy Info – is temporarily closed during the COVID-19 situation. Therefore, choose the online option of mental game training instead, please. In Ultimate Level of Mental Game of golf students are actively communicating with coaches with live coaching calls.

Mario Beky Mental Game Of Golf Online Academy


What if I have playing handicap 20+ or what if I just started with playing golf?

Great thing about this training is that you can be at any playing handicap level or with no playing handicap at all, all lessons are going straight up. All course levels start with theory. Then they explain the tools and possibilities available. After that they show you how can you specifically adjust your thinking in order to see visible results directly in the game. Additionally, for players who have big ambitions there’s a ultimate level that offers fully custom mental game strategies. TIP – choose a level you want to achieve.

What if I fall behind?

You can stay calm. Unlike with others, Mario Beky Academy courses are open for you at least 1 year / 52 weeks since you start. TIP – choose a professional level – it has lifetime access like ultimate course.

How do I know that I’m ready?

Buddha said “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Remember all the chances that you could take and you didn’t? This is the chance you have been waiting for. It’s logical to use it to the full. TIP – in golf as in life – do always calculate and take the best opportunities available.

How much support will I receive?

You are getting the full support available for the course level you choose. If you need basic answers, you will look for frequently asked questions. If you need answers for your questions as fast as possible your number one choice will be premium support. TIP – the best value for you is always the one that suits your needs and it’s up to you whether you want to stay in line or have private email support with quick response time.

* The quantity of options, supporting materials and gifts you may receive rely specifically on the type of the Academy level you will choose. The color of clothing / designs on it used on this page may differ from actual images. Images used on have only the illustrating purpose. Please do read full Terms and conditions if you wish to find out more.