US Military Golf – Military Golfers

US Military Golf – Military Golfers

US Military Golf – Military Golfers. We’re partners with the Veterans Task Force Of America. We show great respect and offer special discounts for golfers in service and their families to those who risk their lives to protect our freedom.

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Military golfer

If you are a member of United states Military and a also a golfer contact  with at e-mail address:

Veterans Task Force of America

Veterans Task Force of America works hard on helping veterans fight the PTSD. One way to do this is through the golf. Madam Jacqueline Kis, the vice president of VTFA was in the beginning of our journey as a great model of friendship. With her expertise we were able to launch the English version of our first pro pocket guide for golfers.

As a result of that the gate to the mental game for amateur golfers from around the world was ready to receive first clients. Madam Jacqueline Kis figures not only as an important figure in birth process of golfing pocket guides but serves as a motivation and example. That was helping us to realize more clearly how do we need approach clients. Since then we see our clients as friends.

Not only for personnel but also for family members

This is only for golfers who are or were in the service & their families (partner, children). But not only them because our discount system works also for military golfers from around the world. Please, share info about this offer with your fellow service men and women. Visit our official pages of Top Sport Psychology on Facebook and YouTube. Military Golf Course close to you should you give you more info about our cooperation.

If your local golf club isn’t in partnership with MARIOBEKY.COM, please advise them to contact us at