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Followers, supporters. Every customer who buys any product from will receive the coupon codes on any other additional purchase.

* By “Supporter” or “Follower” we understand person who

A. all our clients

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C. who liked and is following official social media pages

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Pay it forward

Pay it forward is an amazing idea how to share the good things with your friends. With every purchase of the special types of products you will automatically gain the Pay it forward discount*. You will receive coupon code generated for you and your friends only. 3 of your friends can apply it immediately and get the 15% OFF on any of our products.

So the the great way how to make your friends happy is by spreading the word about our amazing products. In addition you will help others to achieve better results in sport, learning and life by using their full potential. Using psychology in everyday life is super beneficial as you will never look at your progress in the same way.

Rise, your time has come!

We’re not motivators. We’re international team of performance professionals and we help people to reach their goals.

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