Das Mini Birdie Book

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Das Mini Birdie Book

Das Mini Birdie Book – DEUTSCHE VERSION (Birdie Buch, yardage book, birdie card).

Made for golfers

“Customize your game and determine your results.”



1 Turnierstatistik
2 die Beschreibung
3 Das Grün
4 Die Mentale Spielstrategie
5 Das Coursemanagement
6 Das Fairway
7 ”In der Golftasche” Checkliste
8 Benutzerdefinierte Entfernungen der Golfschläger

Super schlank

This is THE Yardage Book. Super-slim design means you can hide it into every pocket or just tuck behind your belt.

Minimalistisches Design mit maximalen Ergebnissen

There’s a lot of distractions during the game. What you need is a simplicity.

Das Grün und Das Fairway

Fairway management offers enhanced version of classic “fairway” grid. The correct orientation (compass) and additional supporting points allow the player to focus on the shots more clearly and expect the best possible result.

Die Mentale Spielstrategie

Mental game strategy is one of the most important strategies on the way to desired score.

Das Coursemanagement

Course management notes and Special notes give the opportunity to record your personal notes on every hole you are about to face. This helps to create the leading momentum in your game.

19 seiten. Format Spezial. ISBN (in Vorbereitung), EAN (in Vorbereitung). Haltbarer Papiereinband auf Vorder- und Rückseite. Teilweise basierend auf derGolf: The Easy Way ISBN 978-80-972369-4-6, EAN 9788097236946

The special package includes the books (1x, 2x, 4x, 10x  Mini Yardage Books – depending on the package you will choose), discount vouchers as part of the yardage books.

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For best possible results use it with Golf: The Easy Way.

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Weight25 g
Dimensions140 × 70 × 3 mm
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1x Das Mini Birdie Book, 2x Das Mini Birdie Book, 4x Das Mini Birdie Book, 10x Das Mini Birdie Book

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