• Marion Duvernay

    Ladies European Tour
    Access Series

  • Christoph Prasthofer

    PDG d’ Éducation
    PGA of Austria & ÖGV

  • Ray Smith

    20 ans en tant que
    directeur du bureau de notation
    du Ladies European Tour

I would highly recommend Mario’s services.


Pourquoi les joueurs utilisent-ils la psychologie du sport de Mario?

“La psychologie du golf de Mario est rempli d’une énergie incroyable qui peut être utilisée directement sur le parcours de golf.”

Sport psycholgy



  • Lyle Kirkham

    Psychologue du sport
    Spark performance

  • Tomáš Krištof

    Tennis coach
    amateur golfer

  • Alberto Torres

(Golf the easy way review) It’s been an wonderful tool to know and discover the qualities of this guide. My game was a disaster, most of that because my mind wasn’t at the same time in my game, I was out of focus and can’t find the way to be on track mentally again. Since I discover Mario and talk with him about this product, I totally change the way my game was. I start to understand why some things happens in game and why not. Also give me strength and tips to be focus, to handle my mind, to know what to do at certain situations and most of all: To learn something new every day. This is a guide that every single golfer need it, you don’t have to read a lot, just a couple of pages in certain days and when you think things don’t go good outside, go back and read it and practice, you’ll notice the difference very fast.

  • Christer Nedström

  • Jason Litchfield

(Golf the easy way review) I’ve been looking for some literature on the mental side of golf and this book helps with that! This book focuses on keeping your mind in the game during the game! Not to let bad shots keep you down…move onto the next shot! …it gives you ways of doing that too! Great book for golfers of all types! Thanks, Mario…for taking the time to put all this together for us little guys!

  • Renan White

    Teaching Golf Professional
    Trainee of PGA Australia

  • Lee Garrity

(Professional Yardage Book Review) Great project, does exactly what I need. Basic but good layout, I will be using this for a practice round this week and I feel It is going to help massively as a lot of golf clubs no longer provide yardage books. Also had a nice personal note within the package.

  • Everett Mccurdy

(Golf the easy way review) I ordered the pocket guide and yardage book. Everything came via US MAIL within a week or so. The guide is chock full of helpful positive reinforcement tips and ways to keep those bad shots from taking their toll. I recommend Mario’s guide to anyone who struggles with the mental side of the game or for anyone new to golf. 2 Thumbs Up!

  • Jitka Chramostová

(Golf the easy way CZ review) I like the pocket guide. I’m reading it over and over again. During the game I tried to think according to their advice. I also tried stress breathing and it really works. But I can’t concentrate the whole game. Next season I have to work a lot on my psyche.

  • Alex Carter

(Golf the easy way review) Golf the easy way (Pocketbook) has helped me become a more consistent and smarter golfer.

  • Gareth Shaw

    Psychologue du sport
    entraîneur de golf

(Golf the easy way review) Golf the easy way (Pocketbook) has made me stop and think before every golf shot I make. Pocket book has given me an insight into my shot patterns and areas to improve.

  • Luke Foulser

(Golf the easy way review) Golf the easy way (Pocketbook) has helped me move on to be another level golfer. The attention to detail helped me build upon my strengths and weaknesses.

  • Nick Rigg

(Golf the easy way review) Intriguing as ti gives a different perspective for analyzing individual shots and the round as a hole.

  • Debi Smith

  • Zuzana Nosáľová

Highly recommended!




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