Tennis grand slam challenge

Tennis grand slam challenge

Tennis grand slam challenge in Pocket. Since you ever been introduced to tennis, you have this dream. Every big journey starts with a dream. And yet this one seems to be unreachable because you are just ordinary person. Does it really matter what is our birth place?

Achieving tennis grand slam is indeed a major goal. Many dream about it and only few were able to succeed. From time to time we face creation of something that is very special. Some things just work because they were destined to work.

Some challenges are here to help us to find our true potential.

Do you really know what kind of potential is hidden inside of you? What if there’s a lot more than you think? The best way would be to analyze it because it may uncover many things. The results may show you what are not only your strengths but also your weaknesses.

From problem to solution

The problem is that the tour training was always available for elite players only.

The solution would be to have a coach that is affordable and always at hand.

The ideal coach would even adjust to your age, abilities and expectations. But does thing like that even exists?

We have been lucky enough to witness a performance miracle. In 2014 we proudly introduced the first performance pocket guide in the world. It was a small book for golfers. One of first clients was a tennis coach Tomas Kristof. He improved his game immensely and in relatively short period of time.

After calling my office, he proposed to cooperate on creating a performance pocket guide for tennis players. He believed that the idea of my mental coaching was universally applicable. Therefore it would good to offer this powerful helper also to tennis players.

Players From Around The World

Golfing version of our performance pocket guide use players from around the world. We developed it from real data collected from multiple clinical studies. Unlike other tools, this system works because it was created from working with real clients. These clients came from various backgrounds and used diverse approaches to challenges.

Via helping children to increase their performance in behavioral as well as in school area the Advanced Mental Coaching system was discovered. This coaching system creates a basis for all our performance pocket guides.

Today we are introducing you powerful tool for improving your performance.

You have never seen anything simple like this in one package. You can customize it to your age, playing level and expectations simultaneously. It also includes customizable Instant Anger Management. 6 different searching ways help you to quickly find useful info.

Do you still think that tennis grand slam is really that far away?



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