Summer 2018 Giveaway

Summer 2018 Giveaway

Summer 2018 Giveaway is live. We are starting a new tradition in our company. Until now we created giveaways only randomly. But since 2018 our giveaways will be more often and also regular as well.

Who wouldn’t like to receive a free product, especially when it handles about pre-production item? We all love opportunities like this one. Therefore MARIOBEKY is ready to appreciate our customers, subscribers and followers even more.

Winner Of Giveaway 2017

The year 2017 was for MARIOBEKY  the most successful year since the beginning. This is not only fueling  our activities in creating new exciting products but also by sharing our joy. We are happy to welcome new customers all the time.

What makes us even happier is when our customers do return and try new products. One of the even gave us repeated positive feedback when exploring our products on EBAY. This is what we coach in our program and it is not only a saying but a algorithm that works.

When you are giving positive energy, the positive energy even returns to you. Additionally to this great story, this client was even lucky enough to win one of our pre-production snap-back hats. We congratulate Mr. J. Williamson from Canada!

Who Will Win The Summer 2018 Giveaway?

It is up to you. All you need to do one of following actions – become our client or newsletter subscriber. That’s it. We’re giving away the special pre-production silver sweatshirt with King of Golf design in worth of more than $ 50.00 US Dollars.

Join us, explore our wonderful products for Mind and body performance and gain more than you ever expected. By subscribing to our newsletter you’ll also fain access to the most recent news available only for the selected few. Let’s go!

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