STORY of Mario Beky’s Advanced Mental Coaching. This is the first webinar that introduces the MARIOBEKY ACADEMY.



Finally something that works with visible results. The reason for that is this coaching program was developed from uncovering a problem. Once you find something which could perform better than it is performing now, the choice is clear. The solution is always a journey to find the most efficient tools to fix it.

The invention

It is like when someone invented a wheel. The options for that were always there. The invention of the wheel was super simple ans super logic. Yet it wasn’t here from the very beginning. Psychologist were using the tools that are part of Advanced Mental Coaching for years and yet they didn’t combine them into a logical system. People are always looking for logical tools but not always for logical approaches. Once they find a tool that is logical and it is working, they use it.

Just imagine

Human history without improvement is anything but human. Being human means to constantly look for getting better. Imagine a world without improvement. We would still swim in the oceans. Our body, our brain would be small and driven by instincts only. There wouldn’t be knowledge hidden in amazing books and we would still rely on luck rather than on science like medicine or psychology. Improvement is what makes us better, wiser and happier. Improvement is showing us where we are coming from, what we have achieved and where we are heading. Every improvement is a step forward, a step closer to our goals.

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