Should I quit golf?

Should I quit golf?
Should I quit golf?

Should I quit golf, I was asking myself…

Golf is fun when balls are finding fairways and especially the holes. It’s great to just grip it and rip it. There’s nothing better in world of a golfer as to see climb the golf ball into the air. I love the moment as it splits the fairway in half. However, playing consistent shots in long time period can be tricky. You can easily lose control over the shots just because you’re trying too hard or sometimes even not enough. For this reason your (once high) hopes can fall down like dominoes. But it’s certainly not what you wished at times when you played well. “Should I quit golf”, you’re asking yourself. This post will hopefully help.

For a golfer, playing golf is something special. Once you get drawn into hitting those small white balls, it’s no way back. If playing golf is hard, quitting golf is even harder. So when you’re looking for an answer for a question “Should I quit golf?”, you’re basically trying just find for the last time a reason for playing it. Usually when people are asking this question, they have a feeling that they used all of available options. As if getting better was just unfulfilled wish. New golf clubs didn’t work, even golf lessons were pointless and not mention, the storage full of training aids. When you look at it this way, then this is a good question. But there is even better question you can ask yourself instead. Let me explain.

In the rest of this article I’ll give you more details on whether you should still ask yourself a question “Should I quit golf?” or whether and how you can make your golf the game you love.

Golf that doesn’t work

If you’re 100% sure that you should let go everything and close this chapter in your life. All those years of effort in golf rounds, all those money put into equipment will be left behind. More over, the friendships you made on the golf course will remain just as memories. I can even give you more than 1 reason why you should quit playing golf. Take a moment and read my article on 7 reasons why you should quit golf. However, if you want to really know why you didn’t play as you wanted, then you’re at the right place. Maybe you are still one of those golfers who are putting all their chances in to the hands of coincidence. Trust me, relying on luck is the last chance you want in your golf.

Before I started my private group on Facebook, Golf Channel was quoting my approach to the golf. Even longer before, I was asking myself too “Should I quit golf?”. Half of my shots were great while the other was forcing me to think whether I should continue playing golf or rather put my golf clubs into the trash. One golf pro even told me that it’s alright to suck at golf. Well, for me it wasn’t alright. I wanted to play better just because I was enjoying golf when I was playing well. And I wanted to repeat that wonderful feeling of having control on the golf course. I was asking myself: “Why some players (off and on the tour) are playing well and I can’t?”. So I made a little research. Let’s start from least important steps we need to make.

Golf clubs that don’t work

Before quitting golf, you should go through a checklist of things that are necessary for playing better. This article is not only that kind of a checklist but even something bigger. It’s such a big thing that I can calmly say “No one ever has said this before”. Playing golf constantly better is possible when all those parts fit together. Yes, playing golf is easy and you don’t need to have a special talent to prove it. This is literally invention of a new wheel. The last thing on this checklist you already posses. You always have. I’m not joking.

One of the essential things you need to check is whether you are using clubs that are fitted for you. This means, your clubs need to work for your body measurements, age, etc. The golf pro is a great person to assist you with it. Many of teaching golf professionals are also certified club fitters. The quick way to get your “own” clubs leads many times through golf pros. Why do you need custom clubs? Golf swing a special type of the movement. Mechanical part of it needs an assembly that works as flawlessly as possible. Few minor disproportions cause huge variances in golf ball landing zone. Correct club fitting also allows you to gain more comfort during the swing.

Golf swing that doesn’t work

Do you remember Andre the Giant? He was a professional wrestler with height of 7 ft 4 in (224 cm) and weight of 520 lb (236 kg). Can you imagine fitting someone like him into a Mini Cooper? Therefore, the more appropriate car for him would be a big a nice big pick up truck. Your body dimensions and movement characteristics must also be calculated in order to get the best out of your golf swing. Funny thing is that Andre the Giant drove a Mini Cooper. However, even if sometimes we can squeeze the most from equipment we use, the truth is, nothing would work if no one would show us how to use it in the first place.

Do you know how to swing? Do you practice on the driving range, putting green or playing practicing rounds? I’m aware that golfers are looking for a fun on the golf course and practicing is not a specific reflection of that fun. Yet, it is necessary for getting mechanical movement of our swing. Great thing about practicing (that only few know about) is that it can be fun. If your golf pro isn’t showing you practicing techniques that aren’t fun, change that golf pro. World has lot of amazing teaching golf professionals who are great at their job.

The good golf pro is delivering more options at once. He is teaching you how to swing/putt but he is also evaluating your swing. That is to say, he is looking at your swing from a point of view you can’t see. In other words, he is covering the mechanical part of your golf. However, golf has also another technical part. And this part you’re probably not taking in consideration as you should. Why?Because it represents the 50% of your success on the golf course.

Golf that does work

If you are looking for a golf that does work, you are probably looking too far away. The answer is inside of you. I’m not talking about your motivation or your attitude. You want to play good golf. You want to reach better results and feel fantastic in every single round. Yes, you want to play better even if your scores are not always as you imagined to have. I do strongly believe that you love being on the golf course despite the fact that you are looking for an answer for a question “Should I quit golf?”… If you weren’t, then you would just quit and never return to golf again.

A half of your golf potential isn’t covered just because you’re not using the correct clubs for yourself. One full half of your golf potential isn’t covered just because you’re not swinging well or because that you’re not motivated to be a better golfer. If you are motivating yourself and you’re still not getting results you wanted to get, means only one thing. You are missing that 1 most important thing in your golf. Motivation is relying on luck and coincidence. Trust me, relying on coincidence is the last thing you want for your golf. While you are using only tools available for your body, you’re very probably missing the tools for your head. They look like these tools. Do they really work? Click here what other golfers are saying about them.

Should I quit golf?

If I was asking myself whether to quit playing golf, it would be only if I tried all options and they didn’t work. These 3 are essential components for great golf – mental game training, practicing with golf pro, custom fitted golf clubs.

  1. Mental game of golf such as:
  2. Practicing with certified teaching golf professional
  3. Getting golf clubs fitted for my game

And if you are still an answer for a question “Should I quit golf”, click on the button below and read about a true story from a golfer who went from hack to a club champion.