Relaxing After The Shot

Relaxing After The Shot

Relaxing After The Shot – Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket. We may have heard about that relaxation is needed before the activity. There are however sports, activities, occasions that obtain multiple situations in which relaxed status is needed. In sports like golf, tennis, soccer, cricket or other similar ones we face positions in which we need to be calm. Therefore we at MARIOBEKY say that the most important shot is the actual one. That literally means that the most important shot of your career is every single one. It doesn’t matter if you are in training or in the finals of world cup. Every single opportunity to play, to improve is THE OPPORTUNITY. Try to remind yourself what was the most important step you took when you were learning to walk. Exactly, every single one.

Calm Down

In today’s episode we’re discussing various ways how to evaluate the situations. We do also speak about multiple options you have when playing either good or bad shot. Some situations in between sports may differ just because of the primal nature of each individual sport. Therefore you need to take in consideration which technique you will use. Even though you will learn valuable info in today’s episode of psychology tips this is just an excerpt. By excerpt we mean a little part from our A – performance pocket guides and B – Advanced Mental Coaching program. Make sure to explore them both via our free episodes on YouTube, Facebook or here on this website as blog posts.

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