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Tennis Pocket Psychology

Tennis Pocket Psychology / Mental Game for all types of tennis players.

Mental Game and performance

This Performance Pocket Guide offers No. 1 Mental Game in the World. On your way to the professional tour, there are no coincidences.. You’re looking for an instant outcome in everyday game play and also for something that responds to your needs.You need specific actions for specific situations whether you’re having an ordinary or competitive tennis match. You need something powerful because all success always stands on key fundamentals. As a result of that you’re game moves forward and you’re becoming more consistent so you can rely on this progress.

Tennis players friendly – Pick&Apply

You’re standing on the court and facing your opponent. Your emotions start to build up into a stressful reaction because you’re having a great round so far. Not having perfect service could ruin the whole score as well as your position in a tournament for which you practiced so hard. All shots matter. But you feel comfortable because you have something special in your pocket. You’re reaching for it and quickly find a solution you need so much. That’s all you need to do. Whether you prefer searching by main themes, keywords, bookmarks or graphics your new friend has it all. Therefore you’re finding an answer in matter of seconds. You’re safe as well as your score.

Simple strategies with Instant Application

All lessons so far have something in common. It feels nice to listen to them but they’re not moving you forward in real situations. In a real game you need a simple system of specific steps how to build or organize your thoughts. Once you start to think about anything else than actual shot, the whole practicing matches are fading away. What you learned so far is that all of great ideas are not following you in the competition because of the real time pressure. You prefer to have a professional guide during the game. Something that contains examples of relaxing techniques with immediate effect. Something that positively influences your emotions instantly and effectively. IAM – instant anger management.

Advanced Mental Coaching

It seems like you found a perfect buddy for your game and in addition to that a self-confidence in your amazing potential. Congratulations! This is the world’s first customized self coaching system with instantly applicable techniques. We recommend it for all types of players (regarding of age, expectations or abilities).


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80 pages. Format A6. With water-resistant coat on front and back page. ISBN 978-80-972980-7-4, EAN 9788097298074

The package includes the Book – Tennis Pocket Psychology, Discount Vouchers and customized envelope.

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