Golf Gift Package

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Golf Gift Package

Golf Gift Package

Package: Golf: The Easy Way + Professional Yardage Book(5x) + Mario’s Yardage Book(10x)

We have something you don’t have. The best golf gift package for mental game in the World. The problem with your game is the same as it was years before. It’s not moving forward. Golf PRO’s acknowledge that mental game is important but do nothing about it. This is about to change because we have the solution. You pick and you apply, therefore it’s called the Instant Anger Management. Instant application with instant results. Does it sounds too simple? Yes, it’s THAT simple! The best thing about it is that it really works because it can be customized for your age, expectations and skills.

Golf: The Easy Way

The most advanced mental game for golf in the World. Golf Psychology into your pocket. It fits in any pocket and guides you whenever you play. In case you need it, you just pick it and you apply solution in seconds. Yes, with 6 different searching super – simple ways it’s possible to do it in seconds. It’s the New Cool Kid on the Block you finally can be friend with. Your game will be fresh again because this pocket coach will always stay at your side.

Professional and Mario’s Yardage Book

Your game is unique as well as your expectations. Since these yardage books are like nothing else on the market, you’ll be one step ahead. Your thinking is special and you always felt that you can play better. Finally, you can track and control your scores in detailed way. Professional Yardage Book is customizable birdie book/card.

1 Scoring
2 Green / putting grid
3 Mental game strategy
4 Fairway management
5 Compass / orientation
6 Clubs selection / variable conditions
7 Course management
8 Special notes
9 “In the bag” checklist
10 Custom club yardage / metering

Save a lot!

In addition to this special Golf Gift Package you’ll receive also a bonus. The ordinary price twice as big as the one of this package.

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Weight499 g
Dimensions150 × 105 × 8 mm

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