Mind and body performance

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Mind and body performance

We all love to play our sports because of passion. There is this moment when we know that today we are going to be there, at our holy place. Whether it’s a golf course or tennis court, we’re going to leave take there just our pure joy. That smile on our face is telling everybody what is expecting us. It is a sheer pleasure of the movement and the desire of playing better than ever before. We’re driven by the excitement from performing better than the others. We are not playing for money but for the passion. Everything would be easier if only we could play at least a little bit as our professional idols do. It would be awesome to score more points than others.

Big change in sports psychology

The thing is that we usually don’t have access to prominent coaches and individual coaching programs. We also don’t have the time to practice more extensively because of our ordinary schedules. Many of us have families, kids, careers which fill most of our precious time. And yet something bugs us from the last round, last match because we feel that we could play better even though we’re playing just for fun. OK, let’s be honest right here. We may be playing just for the enjoyment but we’re always looking for better score. Whether it is less strokes in golf, or more winning sets in tennis.

Quest for fixing amateur sport

The problem is that nobody showed us how professional players train. But more importantly, nobody showed us how they think. We would love to hear it in a language we, amateur sportsmen and sportswomen do understand. Therefore, we return to the pitch, fairway or court just to experience average results even though we believe we could do better. Sometimes our frustration rises and we’re looking for reasons to return to our sport. The problem is that our mindset lacks the skills, the mental skills, the basic performance skills.

Solution for passionate players

The solution would be in simple instructions which are always at hand, to be exact, in our pocket. Our personal time is precious therefore it would be amazing to be in control when and where we’d meeting our personal coach. The ideal situation would be when it could fit within our basic budget.  It sounds like fantasy because nobody may never heard about it before. And yet… Guess what, the solution is out there for several years already and nobody in sport industry hasn’t been using it, except, MARIOBEKY.

Valuable have only things that work

We tried motivation. We tried meditation. For now it would be great to use something that works. Our clients from Australia, United States of America, Sweden, Austria or France know this well because our products are universally applicable. In this moment we can say with confidence – I want the best for my mind and body performance because this is my dayWe – MARIOBEKY.COM are performance professionals. We were beginners once too. While working with professional as well with amateur clients we created a program of unique activities and special tools. Therefore we can finally achieve our personal best! Unlike others, MARIOBEKY is delivering a customized system with customized results.