James Braid – Golfing Legends Quiz 10

MARIOBEKY presents the Golfing Legends Quiz – James Braid.

Advanced Mental Coaching presents the Golfing Legends Quiz – James Braid.

What is the name of the this Scottish Golfing Legend? p.s. he won The Open 5 times

James Braid - Golfing Legend
James Braid, Wikipedia

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Growing the game of golf

We see ourselves as important of the game of golf. Therefore we did start this quiz. There are players who made incredible impact on the golfing world. We would like to remind all golfers on them by remembering their great successes. These golfers serve others as models of professionalism. By creating these pols golfers can now explore what it takes to be a champion.

Golfing easy way

GLQ as another way to win great prizes

This quiz is the part  of Golfing Legends Quiz at our Facebook fan page. The goal of this quiz to rise the interest into the playing the game of golf. Golf is no just like another sport. Golf has deep and incredible stories in its history. We would like to encourage the knowledge of history of golf so this game may attract even more younger player. Join us in this memorable quest!

How to claim your prize?

Contact us directly via our Facebook fan page. Send us a message and we will get to you as soon as possible. All golfers who successfully participate in GLQ on Facebook are eligible for winning.