The Most Important Golf Shot

The Most Important Golf Shot

The Most Important Golf Shot is… It would be really suspicious if this was too easy, wouldn’t it? But what if this one is really simple? First of all we all need to understand and apply into our game an ability to manage our thoughts. Without this ability we cannot implement the basic principals of being present in our game. Without sounding too complicated I’ll explain this really quickly. How to manage our thoughts then? How can we prepare ourselves on the moment in which our results may determine? Do we need to have some kind of special talent? No, of course not.

Manage Your Thoughts in Golf

It seems like (at least for the most of our playing time) that The Most Important Golf Shot is the next one. Since you read the quote from a golfing legend, Mr. Ben Hogan, you thought that this is it. But what if Ben did not explain this not good enough? We are living in this moment, we are not living yesterday, not tomorrow. We’re not living in 10 minutes. We are living now. Because of waiting for the Next Shot we could skip over The One that is happening Now. Our golf ball, our shot, our trophy, our opportunity is waiting for us now. It wasn’t here yesterday and it won’t be here tomorrow. That’s a harsh reality, isn’t it? Once you’ll miss it, it’s forever gone.

Positive Thoughts, Positive Energy in Golf

Forget about motivation. Me and my team are not building our portfolio on the motivation. We work with specific steps/instructions/strategies because this is the only proven way. Therefore managing our thoughts literally means to get the control over them. For once we need to stay positive. While our competitors are still out of bounds we need to set up a bombing strategy. In every moment in which we may possibly feel the loss of the control, we must switch the positive self-talk. Bomb yourself with Positive Thoughts! Bomb yourself with Positive Energy and Relax! This is probably the most important of them all. You can either learn relaxing techniques with Instant Effect in our performance pocket guides or by attending our Mental Game Academies. Every one of them is super simple – even kids can apply them very easily.

Negative, Neutral and Positive Golf

If your Emotions are confusing you sometimes, make them to numbers. Once we started to add numbers to any kind of quality, the Science was born. Rather than complaining again about how do you want to have Fun in Golf, read following because this will change your game forever. The science can also exist in a very simple form. -10 (minus ten) will be your most negative emotion (whatever it may be). 0 (zero) will signalize a neutral level of your emotion. +10 (plus ten) will represent the top level for positive emotion / emotions. Some people may push you but don’t forget that it is always Your Effort, Your Expectations, Your Game.

The Most Important Shot of Your Life

How to manage our thoughts in the real game? Allow yourself to focus on Actual Moment. That also means – allow yourself to focus on Actual Swing! Consequently to this, your hands, your thoughts and your game will be rewarded. Some people may push you but the last thing you want is to give away the most important shot of your life. Now you know, better than every body else that – The Actual Shot is The Most Important Shot of Your Life.

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