Golfing easy way is possible with correct golf mental game training

Golfing easy way is possible with correct golf mental game training

Golfing easy way is possible with correct golf mental game training. We offer a mental game into the pocket. These guides come with instantly applicable techniques as well as simple mental strategies for all types of golfers.

While we did develop them mainly for amateur players, it’s easy to find them also in pockets and bags of touring professionals. We call them Performance Pocket Guides because they do accompany golfers who play just for fun and also golfers who love a winning feeling. Every player has the chance now to strengthen own psychological profile in the easy way. Whether we’re looking for an instant as well as the long-term improvement these books are always with us. That means – not only at our home, but also on the driving range while practicing. But most of all – these are the golf books for the action.

Golfing easy way

What do “Golfing easy way” books offer?

We are the team of professionals that is demanding regarding our performance. We don’t make compromises and yet we love to enjoy our favorite sport, whether it’s golf, cricket, tennis or else. Our books offer instantly applicable techniques while their content can be customized according our expectations. This unique system of mnemonics and motivational phrases allows us to use advanced training methods. Due to the psychological background of mental game itself our books come with multiple reasoning exercises. This variety of simple levels opens a new approach to the game for diverse situations that we face in the game-play.

I am the Power!

We are the Power. We are giving ourselves the control while using efficient tools. Wise combination of positive motivation with smart techniques leads us to the Victory. We, as golfers use our pocket guides as a powerful tool for our game because the motivation only wasn’t giving us sufficient results. The best thing is to put them into our pocket or into the golf bag. Being ready means being one step ahead so we have a better chance to be successful. They’re lightweight and easily fit into every pocket. Golfers prefer actual format because it stays always with them. That makes them ideal for training exercises before practicing or before the tournament. Mental game in our performance pocket guides is specific and adjust to the individual goal. there hasn’t been a better time to want better result and have more fun!

I am the Control!

Golfing with books from Mario Beky and his team is simpler than ever before. We have the choice – either to stay where we are or to play our favorite sport and achieve better results. Great thing is that we have now the strategies for that. This is an experience we want. They are at hand at any given time on the golf course. Yes, it’s that simple. What you also want is to check our free Facebook group – Golf Mental Game Academy.