Golfer’s mind is like a highway

Golfer’s mind is like a highway. Cross it by chance and you’re done. Only those who use the correct mental game techniques (which are quite simple btw.), survive. The question then, is really – when do you start. If you are practicing with your teaching golf professional, you’re half way prepared. However, the other 50% of your success on the golf course can be literally within your hands. If you want to understand your golfing mind better and improve your results in golf, read this article.

#1 of all the worst things you can throw at golfer’s mind

In this paragraph, I’ll talk about the list of things that are bad for your golf game. Spoiler alert, this list can be endless. However, let us start with the most obvious, which is false expectations. There are two basic false expectations that golfers can have – positive or negative false expectations. Do you wonder to which group do you belong to? Before I’ll continue, let me clarify that with correct technique it is possible to learn managing them both.

First is – positive false expectations. If you’re that type of golfer – you think that you can become a next legend in golf. Your eyes are soaring towards to Claret Jug, towards the Green Jacket and other grandiose trophies. In addition, you set yourself a goal to become the most athletic golfer in the history of the game. Having big dreams is a good thing but what’s alarming is imbalance. I’m talking about the imbalance between your expectations and your effort.

You may dream about being great in golf but your efforts are weak. Moreover, (what is even far worse) you are using wrong techniques, wrong tools and wrong approach. Majority of today golfers are failing with this problem. Therefore, your dreams will always remain just dreams. In other words, you are very probably destined to fail. Do you want that? But wait, there’s something even worse.

golfer's mind

#2 of all the worst things you can throw at golfer’s mind

The other worst thing you can throw at your – golfer’s mind are negative false expectations. If you are a golfer with positive expectations (despite the fact that they are false), you at least try do your best on the golf course. On the other hand, if you are a golfer with negative expectations, you are willingly letting yourself to suck into the despair. You’re calling yourself with names you should never put into your mind. Shooting yourself into your leg is only thing you know.

Moreover, it’s even worse because it’s based on your results (past or actual). Your scores are bad so it seams for you realistic rather than negative. At least, you’re honest, you’re saying to yourself. Golfer’s mind of yours is shattered. It’s bad. However, just like the golfer with positive false expectations, you are doing something right though. You didn’t stop playing, you didn’t quit, you keep loving golf.

That is to say, even though you’re labeling yourself wrongfully (I’ll explain), you do continue playing this beautiful game. Something keeps you going. For instance, it can be those few luck shots which appear from time to time. You probably don’t know how to explain it yet but there is a reason which won’t let you quit golf.

Why is that and what are your options?

Best way to explain what is happening in our reality is when we compare it to our dreams. Your dreams are reflection of what you are experiencing during the day. In addition, they also contain what you experienced in the past and what you wish to happen in the future. This is however one part of the story. The second part might a little daunting.

Your dreams is not only the positive, it’s also your fears. It is all that you despise, reject, fear or trying to avoid. Together it all creates a goulash* of thoughts. These thoughts often contradict themselves. Furthermore, they can become from morbidly crazy to as realistic as possible. That is also a reason why you are often questioning their origin.

That is also why the dreams often appear as something coming from outside. You might feeling often embarrassed having some of them. Therefore you think that they can e.g. predict the future. They don’t. It’s just your thoughts. If you’re a golfer, which is a sport that creates lot of emotions, your mind, in other words – golfer’s mind can be quiet confused. So what are your options?

The food for your “soul” or mind?

Comparing to reality, the dreams are practically the same. The reason why the dreams appear different from reality is the environment – the people, the nature, all the things around you. Those appear as a silencer to your deep thoughts. Some people can delve in deep thoughts even during the day. That’s why it’s called the day dreaming.

Your personality type, your past, present and future experiences connected with emotions are infinite road, or rather highway, autoroute, autobahn. They travel fast one way or they bounce back from opinion of others. Based on your inner setup, you tend to lean either towards the positive or negative evaluation of your past, present and future. In other words – what you lived, what you are experiencing now and what expect to happen in the close or far future defines your emotional setup.

It almost seems that your personality – your mind – your golfer’s mind cannot change even if you wanted to, as some of your emotions are that strong. The truth is however, elsewhere. Your mind isn’t rigid. Golfer’s mind is elastic. It can change and adjust with correct professional techniques. What are they?

Golfer’s mind maintenance

Basically there are 2 major types of tools you can use to get your emotional setup under control in the easy way. You can do it yourself or with full professional support. In my Mental Game Academy / Top Sport Psychology you can choose between 2 ways of mastering your – golfer’s mind.

It doesn’t matter which way you decide to go, it adjusts to your age, playing skill or expectations. A – If you are a lonely wolf, you will grab Mental Game Performance Kit. B – If you need constant feedback on your progress from performance professional, you will start immediately with Ultimate Mental Game Training.

The worst you can do is to try crossing your highway of thoughts by a chance.

Thank you for reading this post.

I would wish you luck but that would only leave you where you are because luck comes and goes. What I wish you is to make a firm step towards your bright future in golf.

* Goulash (Hungarian: gulyás) is a soup or stew of various types of meat and many types of vegetables seasoned with paprika and other spices (wiki).