Golf tournament accessories, books sports psychology

Golf tournament accessories, books sports psychology

Golf tournament accessories, books sports psychology. Modern golf tournament accessories. Should we use electronic devices in golf tournament or should we use rather traditional tools and accessories? It is up to us. But before you’ll make a harsh decision read this article and decide for yourself.

You as a golfer has incredible privilege comparing to other sports.

The nature of the golf game pushes us slightly towards competing in tournaments regularly. What about you? Do you compete in golf tournaments? Are you watching your golf handicap? Whether you do that or not, you certainly play for better score because better score just feels fantastic.

Golf apps

But now everything is in the app on golf market. why a guide like that? Because the competition does not allow the electronic devices. Plus it’s far more faster to write down with a pen as to type in every single character on the keyboard?

Professional Yardage Book Mario Beky main

GPS yardage books / GPS scorecards

There is this one issue in connection which producers of GPS yardage books do not show. Your mind is working on a different level when you use electronic device with a screen and on the another level when you are reading from the traditional paper. With traditional paper we scroll down the options with our eyes.

In traditional way your perception is present – with you.

We write the notes down and they are remaining in the appropriate level of attention. While using electronic devices it is different. Our attention dives into a slightly deeper level. It needs to remind itself (even in fraction of a second) on how the program works. For example – with a mobile app we need to learn its functions before we can use it can seamlessly.

Competing in golf tournament forces you to use every second in your favor.

100% focusing on golf

You do know exactly what happens in golf when your attention goes even for little moment OFF the golf course. It breaks into the pieces. You are not 100% focusing on your next shot anymore because you are still dwelling in past seconds of your memory.

This is a critical moment when the scores are decided.

The cognitive psychology describes it the clear way. Let’s use example we are starting to witness since introducing smart devices. The new generation of kids makes us believe that they are in some kind of virtual reality. Try to disconnect a child from an iPad and it will probably gets frustrated, angry or it won’t react on your call at all.

This is the same with a previous generation that was extensively watching the TV. While TV needed only to be watched, the smart generation is asked to participate (tap, scroll, swipe).

Golf tournament accessories, books sports psychology

The connection, the attention and the golf

The more you dive your attention into something else than your actual activity the more it will be off. But when you write down simple notes, your attention remains relatively level. It will have no problem at all to reconnect with a previous activity.

For us golfers it means – to reconnect with the next shot.

It is that simple. Although we offer also electronic version of some of our products we recommend strongly to use the PAPERBACK versions as primary ones. What kind of Modern Golf Accessories do you use? Or are you a traditional golfer? Top Sport Psychology

Golf tournament accessories, books sports psychology