Golf psychology advantage, sports psychology for golfers

Golf psychology advantage, sports psychology for golfers

Golf psychology advantage, sports psychology for golfers. This incredible advantage is worth only to a player who loves to play.

3 + 1 reasons for golf psychology

Why would you even consider using golfing psychology? Now it is amazing time to start with golfing psychology – BECAUSE of 3 reasons:


It’s amazing to use the mental game if you just want beat your golfing buddies. For instance, in friendly competitions or on the tour if you’re Tour player. It’s great to start with golf psychology and put your game to the next level – even from safe position your home because we’re living in modern and interactive era.

The mental coach can be with you even during playing tournament. We developed something that no one else did before. It’s mental game pocket guides with instant application. Above all, their instant nature makes it exciting using them in real game.

Using of Mario Beky’s mental game hints is currently not forbidden any rules authority.

One extra point that I will mention here is however our biggest secret of success. Player who’s playing golf just for fun has different approach as a Tour professional. This is what on which we built Advanced mental coaching. Every golfer is unique.

Luckily, you can now customize your own potential.

Yes, it’s not a fantasy. Our players are using it for years now already.

You are not using fully your talent

Are you child, college student or retired golfer? Do you have talent for putting, driving, chipping, course management, rescue shots or team play? Do you aim to play below 100, 90, 80 or even under PAR? No problem. Start small or move directly to advanced academy.

No matter what is your age, expectations or strongest ability you can adjust Advanced mental coaching according to you.

For the first time in the history of the golf game is this kind of mental game available for every player. What is even more important is that for the first time in the history of golf, every player can customize options for him or herself.

You love Birdies

Therefore I know that you love to see to improve your handicap numbers if you’re amateur player. And I also know you love to being invited to prestigious tournaments based on your excellent results if you’re professional golfer. I know that you love to work with smart students if you are teaching golf professional.

Above all, these students are using correct golfing psychology and progressing faster.


Give me your mind

My goal here today is to show you the possibilities from which you can choose / whether you just want to improve your game or whether you want to help others if are a teaching golf professional. In other words, it is to understand what “using psychology by its core” means you need to understand the basic purpose of psychology.

First of all, psychology is a science. Second of all – psychology’s main interest is behavior. That means – psychology:

  • identifies
  • describes
  • controls behavior

In conclusion. that’s all. So for golfers – the golf psychology can identify, describe and control the behavior of a person who plays golf. You can use the psychology to identify, describe but more importantly – you can control your behavior on the golf course. Simply by using the TOP SPORT PSYCHOLOGY – for example – by following the strategies we are using in our Mental game Academy.

Golf psychology advantage, sports psychology for golfers