Golf channel review, incredible energy directly on the golf course

Golf channel review, incredible energy directly on the golf course

Golf channel review, incredible energy directly on the golf course. How to think and play in the easy way? Read an outstanding review about our Pocketbook for the mental game. The article is at Golf Channel Czech Republic & Slovakia. We want to thank the Golf Channel an opportunity to let a wide audience about our product. Golf Channel review the first edition of our Pocket Book for amateur golfers in Czech language.


This is not only first of the golfing books from Slovakia. It is the first book for mental game for amateur golfers. Since we made an entrance to the world of professional psychology Mario worked very hard on delivering the best outcome.

Psychology is one of the most helpful sciences among all.

But most of time it stands as a complicated subject. Therefore our team had an urge to represent it in an easy way to the general public. Golf is the perfect opportunity. Majority of actual golfing books do not show how mental game in golf works. They are just motivational books. Motivation is nice.

However, it is the psychology itself that provides the useful info because it offers the strategies.

The importance of strategies

While motivation is just a self-talk. Strategies are tools for making things go better. We proudly say that we work as a team of performance professionals. Our team works hard on delivering the best strategies from psychology. And yet we are delivering them in an easy way.

While our strategies are simple they are very efficient.

In addition to that they can be customized to the players very easily. You can either to play the way you’ve been playing for those years or you can finally beat your buddies.

Your opinion

In 2014 we published the first edition of performance pocket guides. We managed to revise this guide and make it even better. The new edition received an extension – professional edition and it’s phenomenal! What is your experience about it and how do you like it?

What would you recommend to make it even better?

Let us know on your insights. We gladly welcome every feedback that could make our products for you even more exquisite. “Will this year be good for me as a golfer? Maybe.” Switch the “maybe” for “YES” and so will your new experience will evolve.

Golf channel

Golf Channel said about our first generation pocket guide that it’s filled with energy. GC Czech republic and Slovakia then continues.

This energy can be used on the golf course in a positive way.

Since the energy, especially the positive one is a good tool on the golf course, the simple structure is even better. So, go into your pocket and use the effective hints right in the action. Golf should be fun but where’s the fun if we’re not winning? Read the full article here.

Simple golf is the best golf

Every golfer that uses our performance pocket guides uses it in the action. Rather than holding onto something that is far away grab a powerful tool that is in your pocket. That is always by your side. So, get your own Pocket Golf Psychology book here.

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