Kids, sports, school

Kids, sports, school

Kids, sports, school. We, at MARIOBEKY.COM focus on passing valuable knowledge on future generations.

Kids and sports

MARIOBEKY.COM offers Performance Pocket Guides for sport, learning and life. Juniors receive the same value as others but for a lower price. So whether it is the pocket guide, yardage book or learning organizer a child will receive it for a little less.

This new standard is set to deliver our inner training for kids in affordable and friendly way. The simplicity is the main key to the success. Does your child play golf, tennis or cricket? Apply as a school, sport teaching professional or academy to get performance pocket guides – SHOP. Once we will establish a partnership program, your little students will start gaining more for less.

Amazing present

Read it together and set up the goals to pick the best strategy and help your kid customize its potential. We created series of videos on our official YouTube channels that are showing this and more. Click here for Top Sport Psychology YouTube channel. Discover Educatia YouTube channel by clicking here.

Golf and tennis are the perfect way how to learn to control the emotions and also achieve the personal best. As a result, the child will gain access to various situations in the game! But most of all it is your chance to share your passion for these games. Educatia on the other hands shows how to learn effectively.

Kids and school

Explore the power of Advanced Mental Coaching in Educatia – successful learning. How many times, told you yourself: “My child can do it better” ? Yes, that is true. Because this is a solution almost for all children. Our pocket guides and learning organizers are changing the ancient system of education.

This is a new and positive revolution. All our products can be customized for child’s age, expectations and abilities. Allow your child access its personal best but most of all – give him or her an opportunity you never had!

Free seminars for Schools

We believe in that Giving back is important therefore we started to offer free seminars for schools. Our live seminars and our webinars are oriented on successful learning. Live seminars are available only in Slovak republic. Webinars about successful learning  are available globally without restrictions. This unique self-coaching program opens opportunities for everybody. Allow yourself, your child, your school use their full potential! Kids