Effective Creativity

Effective Creativity – I Believe In YouTube

Effective Creativity – I Believe In YouTube. No matter what time, no matter what place or no matter what tools. We can all use all circumstances to create either good or bad results. We can either create negative or positive outcome. People are using fire as a tool for creating amazing things, heating homes or even saving lives. On the other hand we witness situations where fire is creating anything but positive effect, intentionally or by accident. The way how we take fire or any other tool in our hands and use it shows our intentions. The same goes with the water, or other things that are way more different, like faith, trust, etc.

YouTube Is A Tool

As previously mentioned, YouTube is a tool as well. People work with it, use it in various ways and live from it. It is almost unimaginable to think that we would live without the YouTube. The top creators who are contributing on YouTube are inspiring and motivating the whole planet. And this is good. On the other hand we did witness also frustration among those creators who cannot keep with the most viewed YouTubers. But what does this post have common with the philosophy of MARIOBEKY. Believe it or not a lot! We as a team have faced a lot of frustration by ourselves when we started to contribute on YouTube and become a part of creative community. Due to recent situation that happened in the YouTube headquarters the founder of MARIOBEKY.COM, Mario decided to creating a motivating video.

Be Effectively Creative

There is no answer in violence. What we can do in our lives when we will face a frustration (even though our intentions may be positive) is to stay positive. Our job, our mission at MARIOBEKY is the same. Our coaching program stands on frustration, on experiencing it and overcoming it. If you are not succeeding for some reason in whatever are always choose the positive path and look for effective ways of being creative. YouTube is a wonderful and powerful tool. If we have been lucky enough to be born in era when this tool exist, we should use it for creating good things. Therefore we as a team believe in YouTube. There I believe in YouTube.


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