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Advanced Mental Coaching Video



  • 8 sections
  • 47 lessons
  • 20 quizzes
  • 182 quiz questions
  • 12 free supporting gifts in worth of 99 EUR (included free international shipping)*
    • 1x Golf The Easy Way – performance pocket guide
    • 5x Professional Yardage Book
    • 5x Mario’s Yardage Book
    • 1x Victory Baseball Hat
    • 1x 10 EUR gift certificate

*  – free supporting gifts are available for Super Basic, Super Advanced and Super PRO levels only

Basic Level Introduction

In the basic series of videos golfer is introduced into the psychology. He/she will explore the fundamentals of practicing, 3 pillars of success as well as the theory of stress. We are showing how players can manage time, how they can handle tension during the stress situations and other things that do influence us. In the following training video you will also learn that golf is a game of decisions.

Customizable training

This online course is starting from the theory of psychology. Another step goes through practical hints for specific situations. Then the course continues to mental game real-time practices. Whole training is customizable for player’s age, abilities and also expectations.

Player will learn how to achieve mind and body relax in seconds directly on the golf course. So that nobody will notice it. Golfer will see how he/she can set up and achieve the goals by using various strategies. This will happen no matter what actual playing level he’s/she’s in and no matter what playing level he/she wants to reach.

Basic, Advanced, Professional and even more

Additionally this online course offers a series of videos with extended practicing techniques for strengthening the mental game. All the lessons in this training are distributed into 4 levels – BASIC, ADVANCED, PROFESSIONAL AND SPECIAL PRACTICING.

All levels include additional quizzes hence the participant can watch own progress on the way to becoming a better player. This is amazing opportunity for everyone who wants to take his/her game onto a next level even from own living room.

From practicing into a real game

Alongside this program (or independently) golfers have option to use performance guide – Golf The Easy Way. In addition to that also other performance tools just like the bestselling Professional Yardage Book. Our certified coaches are here to help player with his progress.

Player can go through this online program as well through individual coaching lessons. Take step forward. It’s easy and fast because the start is just a click away. Customize your game and determine your results with advanced mental game of golf.

Contents of Levels

This online course is starting from the theory of psychology, goes through practical hints for specific situations and continues to mental game real-time practices. Whole training is customizable for player’s age, abilities and expectations. ADVANCED MENTAL GAME OF GOLF – ONLINE COURSE.

Basic Mental Game

Section 1 – Introduction

  • Basic introduction – FREE PREVIEW
  • L1: Golf is a game of decisions – FREE PREVIEW
  • L2: Two golfers – FREE PREVIEW
  • Q1: Golf Quiz 1
  • L3: What is my best game
  • L4: Performance growth
  • Q2: Golf Quiz 2
  • L5: Solid foundation
  • L6: Dynamic development
  • Q3: Golf Quiz 3

Section 2 – Golf psychology

  • L7: Golf psychology
  • L8: Golfing etiquette
  • L9: Ambitions and golf
  • Q4: Golf Quiz 4
  • L10: The control of ambitions
  • L11: Important golf technique
  • L12: 3 pillars of success
  • Q5: Golf Quiz 5

Section 3 – Stress and golf

  • L13: Stress and golf
  • L14: Stress under control
  • L15: Time management
  • Q6: Golf Quiz 6
  • L16: Time versus stress – FREE PREVIEW
  • L17: Psychological advantage
  • Q7: Golf Quiz 7
  • L18: The best motivation
  • L19: External factors – FREE PREVIEW
  • L:20 How to cope
  • Q8: Golf Quiz 8

Section 4 – Emotional control

  • L21: My goal, my decision
  • L22: Best time to relax
  • Q9: Golf Quiz 9
  • L23: Four relaxing phases
  • L24: Emotions under control
  • L25: 100% shot
  • Q10: Golf Quiz 10

Advanced Mental Game

Section 5 – The secret of the mental game

  • Advanced mental game introduction – FREE PREVIEW
  • L26: 100% golf performance – FREE PREVIEW
  • L27: Relaxing before practicing
  • L28: Positive mind
  • L29: Car seat relaxing exercise
  • L30: Mental Game Secret

Section 6 – How to relax in golf

  • L31: Unnecessary thoughts
  • L32: Tunnel of attention
  • L33: How stress is created
  • L34: Reverse process of stress
  • L35: Control of breathing intensity
  • L36: Relax in seconds

Section 7 – Rethinking of the approach

  • L37: Rethinking – FREE PREVIEW
  • L38: Cognitions and golf
  • L39: Clear vision
  • L40: Confidence versus risk
  • L41: Bogey free round
  • L42: Next worst shot

Section 8 – Custom mental game

  • L43: Custom mental game
  • L44: Primary motivation
  • L45: Secondary motivation
  • L46: Practicing plans – FREE PREVIEW
  • L47: Course management


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Mario Beky

Mario Beky is psychologist and researcher. He created first fully customizable mental game / sport psychology training (golf psychology, tennis psychology, cricket psychology). He is director of MARIOBEKY Academy where are gathered tour players as well as amateur golfers from around the world. Mario was born in Slovakia and currently residing with his family in France.
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