Golf Academies

Golf Academies

Golf Academies – custom fitted program for mental preparation. Choose from coaching sessions or an assistance support for individuals (sports, learning). As well as groups (sports – amateur/professional players, teaching PRO’s and learning – students, teaching staff).

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Individual Players

Advanced Mental Coaching supports coaching of individual players in the first place. Therefore our supporting assistance program the first in the World as much as the best for amateur players. It’s the most effective choice when it comes to the content of our coaching. Individual players receive full client service customizable by their needs and expectations. We strongly focus on fundamentals. It is the most important thing to which players return over and over again. We highly recommend to use the full coaching program. It is because the player receives constant guidance in one package. That all also with statistical evaluation and seamless continuity of sessions.

Teaching Golf Professionals

Teaching Golf PRO’s give students the best possible of themselves. We highly appreciate their job and believe in it. Golf PRO is the main character in improving the golfing game. Therefore it is our obligation to putt their relationship between students even on a higher level. Our products represent the right tool that every golf PRO is looking for. They are based on active feedback from golf PRO’s and their students. We offer a system for everyday game to finally make teaching techniques even more effective. Contact us and order a specimen to see the uniqueness of this amazing tool. But most of all to help your students to return to your services again and more often.

Mental Game Academies

MARIOBEKY.COM also organizes events for more than one individual. We offer an opportunity to explore the basics in mental preparation for groups. Register your venture for  Mental Game Academy from MARIOBEKY.COM for their clients, members and your visitors. You have two options available – A. Basic Academy (duration 2-3 hours) or B. Advanced Academy (all day event; approx 6-7 hours). See also the actual pricing of coaching here.