Books from Mario Beky

Books from Mario Beky. We are finally living in the future. Solutions need to be at hand and they need to be efficient. Day by day we’re facing unexpected challenges therefore we need to deal with them as fast as possible. We need to be actively guided to our goals. If someone isn’t offering a shortcut to our dream – destination – goal we tend to quickly look for smart answers. There are no stereotypes anymore because we all are a new kind of a practical person. Is it possible to find something that really works and yet it is still affordable? The answer is Yes because we created series of books for Sport and Learning. You don’t have to search anymore. We have the right tool for you! Quickly applicable solutions with instant effects with which we can customize our results.

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Performance Pocket Guides

Our books were created to be used in the action. They are effective, instant and lightweight. We are having them all the time in our pocket and we’re enjoying the growth. The main advantage is the content, which is unique and stands on psychological studies. This system that is super easy to understand and therefore shows specific steps for solving specific situations. It’s here for to save our time. We were looking for the best possible solution. No one did offer anything similar. Consequently we did summarize the clinical data and The Performance Pocket Guides were born. These products suit personal needs of our clients but our own. We – the team of performance professionals do change our life as well! In a big way. This is a new way of freedom. Now we all can customize our potential & determine our results!

Mobile Apps

We’re now experiencing our products also as mobile apps. Everybody can download them from Google Play Market for an android device. They are available in various versions – differentiated by language and also by locality. Installing them grants series of coupon codes for even larger opportunity to gain better results. In addition to that we can combine the power of our Advanced Mental Coaching in electronic as well as in paperback edition. For the best utilization of AMC in real life, sport or school we fully recommend to use them altogether.

eBooks – PDF, Kindle

Some of us prefer books in electronic formats. This is another option we can choose from. We can either go for PDF’s eBooks at or for Kindle formats for Kindle Readers available at Electronic books available at MARIOBEKY.COM are in PDF format supported (only through the company Adobe Systems). Before choosing this format of the book it is wise make sure that our electronic device supports the PDF formats with DRM protection. Simple as that. Starting of new journey at any point of your lives starts with first step. Now it’s the perfect time to take the first step.