About Mario Beky Team

About Mario Beky Team


We started as an international team of mental performance professionals. We work for those who want to achieve better results with our advanced mental coaching program. Our clients are reaching outstanding results with our performance pocket guides as well as with individual coaching sessions.

Achieving better results isn’t coincidence. We created the most simple, intuitive and effective system of goals & actions. It was developed for improving the performance – in sports, learning & life and instantly control the thinking in challenging situations.

In 2017 we expanded our services with a goal to become a leading company in the world that offers urban fashion for active people. In a short period of time we reached to customers from across the globe. We manifest an extraordinary efficiency and prove that a smaller but professionally operating team can create a difference.

The Team

Slovakia Mario Beky Advanced Mental Coaching MARIOBEKY.COM PartnershipsMario Beky – founder of MARIOBEKY.COM

Mario was born in Slovakia, 1981. He studied psychology at the Institute of Psychology at University of Presov, Slovakia. His main specialization was clinical and performance psychology. Mario also obtained a diploma from computer systems. He’s the inventor of Advanced Mental Coaching – it shows how can everyone use psychology the easy way. In private, Mario is active sports man, husband to a beautiful wife and father of amazing son.

United KingdomLyle Kirkham – Official Brand Manager for United Kingdom, Sport Psychologist & researcher

Slovakia Mario Beky Advanced Mental Coaching MARIOBEKY.COM Partnerships

Zuzana Bekyova – project coordinator for Lepsie Slovensko / Better Slovakia

United KingdomAnne Duffy – contributor, golf analyzer and mental skills coach

Slovakia Mario Beky Advanced Mental Coaching MARIOBEKY.COM Partnerships

Barbora Machdalova – Official Brand Ambassador for Slovakia, student

Everett Mccurdy – Official Brand Ambassador for United States


Our main mission is to see people use their full potential. Human being is a combination body & mind. The ultimate balance between these two entities is what makes us real. We support people who love their passions and yet want to look well while enjoying their time.

About Advanced Mental Coaching

AMC is program for improving mental game in Sports and Learning – activities and also literature. In addition to that it provides the most simple and intuitive system of goals and actions. Users learn how to create or rebuild the abilities, skills and passions. They customize their actions and determine their results in very simple steps. The control of thinking is instant, especially in challenging situations.


We have 1 major goal – give people an access to the mental game and training. Our belief is that mental game is for everyone – amateurs use it as much as professionals. Therefore we present a coaching program fitted for the  range of players. Our products offer the very simple principles. This is a huge step forward almost for all sports which is especially relevant.


In addition to Advanced Mental Coaching we delivered probably the best individual tool also for learning yet. Everyone can learn now to set, organize & fulfill own goals with ease. We used the best of the psychology of learning. Along with the psychology of motivation we open new ways for better results in learning.


Anne DuffyGolf analyzer and mental skills coach, Author of the Kilroy College course in Golf Psychology & creator of Mind Your Golf. We are proud to participating with Anne on sharing her Golfing Memories and growing up with the European Tour. Read about her life as a spectator, observer and supporter of golf in Europe. As it grew from a small business to a giant. Readers also read about all legends she have met.



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