3 Pillars of success – sport psychology fundamentals

3 Pillars of success – sport psychology fundamentals

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All that you need

These are the 3 pillars you need to use when you want to achieve the your goals. Whether you are student, an amateur or professional player or even someone who’d like to achieve the success, you need to master those 3 pillars.

No matter if you are student, business person, amateur or professional player, these 3 pillars are universal.

You will learn in the easy way on what you need to focus, what you need to take in consideration. In order to fully understand the process of achieving, it is necessary for us to concentrate on the most important points.

3 pillars of success


  • TECHNIQUE. you need to learn the skills that are necessary for the type of activity in which you want to be successful.With skills you are transforming yourself from dreamer to a driven specialist. This part is easy because you are full of passion.


  • AMBITIONS. There are many people who have the skill but they lack the ambitions. If they are pushed to created outcome – for example a product, they are delivering fantastic results. However, the force hidden in ambitions is restricting the way to the success.


  • ETHICS. We witness also type of people who are ambitious as well as with extra ordinary skills. On the other hand they are missing the principal ethics. If you want to achieve success in any area you need to have strong levels of all 3 levels of success at once.

Anchor points

These points are like anchor points and help us to remain on the route to the goal we set for ourselves. What is the strongest pillars of those 3? Are you strengthening all of them equally? How could we help you, so you could successfully reach your goals? Send us an email with your thoughts on it, or just comment the video!

3 Pillars of success - sport psychology fundamentals

Top Sport Psychology

In order to take a first step forward you must understand basic rules of psychology. This will enable you to see difference between charlatans a.k.a. life coaching and real psychology. Real psychology stands on countless scientific experiments and observations.

There are rules on which works our mental processes in brain. We can examine them, measure them and some of them even control. This is not extra-personal experience but work with tools that have the ability to influence our thinking (preferably in positive way).