2 Big Secrets Of Golf

2 Big Secrets Of Golf

Big Secrets Of Golf are now available for everyone to explore. This post will probably not very well received by some golfing professionals. Recently some person posted photo of a book on which was written – Biggest secrets of golf (the book is empty there are no secrets). I personally disagree with it and therefore I’m explaining this in the video you can watch down below. If there were no secrets and all the info was available to every golfer, there would be only good golfers. Am I right? The truth is however that majority of golfers is not good enough. The reason why is that is very simple. Actually there are at least two reasons.

Why Do Golfers Suck At Playing Golf?

Let’s predict that there are no secrets. If perfect golfing instructions are available to everyone and every golfer can reach the handicap 0 then why is this not a reality? Reason number 1 is that they do not practice according to these rules enough or they don’t practice at all. Consequently they are not improving their game. Because the reason that perfect golfing instructions are available for everyone there’s no way to not improve. Just imagine another situation… The golfers are practicing and they are still not improving their game. There are many golfers who are hitting the balls on the driving range and yet with no effect.

2nd Possible Reason Why Do Golfers Not Improve

There is also a possibility that instructions which supposed to be perfect are not perfect at all. That would also mean that some of those who are giving the instructions either have not the proper instructions or they are not giving them to their students. This post will change it. You can now explore 2 big secrets of golf for free and start to improve your game. Finally a set of instructions which are super simple and fundamental before any improvement.

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