10 Life Changing Rules

10 Life Changing Rules

10 Life Changing Rules are very simple and therefore very effective. Before we can look towards our goals it is necessary to have a healthy self confidence. Healthy confidence is not to be loudmouth and aggressive towards a weak person, it means to be opposite. Healthy confidence means to stand with both feet on the ground and feel comfortable almost in any situation. There are a lot of challenging tests awaiting us so we must stay strong and positive. There are 10 life changing rules that define what our personality can while remaining positive. These rules describing our possibility. They free us from concerns but most of all they remind us about our responsibilities if we decide to feel confident.

10 Rules of Assertiveness

These rules are also called the 10 rules of assertiveness. Assertiveness is the honest and open expression of both positive and negative feelings without violating the rights of others. We are often taught to follow to guidelines and yet we are not told that mainly those survive who break the guidelines after all. These are the 10 rules that show you that your possibilities are endless if you are willing to take responsibility for your actions.

Feel free and be responsible

1. I have the right to take responsibility of my own behavior, my thoughts and emotions and to take responsibility for their consequences.
2. I have the right to not offer excuses or justifications for my behavior.
3. I have the right to consider whether I am responsible for other people’s problems and whether it is my responsibility to come up with solutions to those problems.
4. I have the right to change my mind about anything.
5. I have the right to make mistakes and take responsibility for them.
6. I have the right to say “I DON’T KNOW”.
7. I have the right to act independently of the goodwill of somebody without me having asked for it.
8. I have the right to be illogical in my decisions.
9. I have the right to say “I DON’T UNDERSTAND”.
10. I have the right to say “THIS IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS”.

From weak to strong

Become from weak to a strong personality because what you learn is what you can do with the perception of your own personality. And in conclusion you will be ready to see finally a person you always wanted to be.



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